Zero Carb Protein Waffles


Hi guys!

Hope you all had a fun St. Pattys Day weekend. First off, I’ll never understand why the parades were this weekend since St. Patty’s Day is next Friday… but whatever. I went to the Dallas “Block Party” which was literally just hundreds and hundreds of drunk people wearing green standing in a 3 block radius… so basically, college. ha. Anyways, that paired with the time-change left me hitting snooze about 82 times this morning so I’m just now getting around to breakfast (it’s 1:30pm). I was craving something sweet so I decided to make my super healthy (but delicious) no carb protein waffles. These can also be made as pancakes if you don’t have a waffle maker, but I’m terrible about burning things on the stove so for me it’s easier just to use my waffle maker. All you need is…


1 Scoop Protein Powder

2 Tbsp Water

1 Whole Egg

1 tsp Baking Powder

1-2 Packets Stevia

1 Tbsp PB2 or JIF Peanut Powder + Fruit Topping of Choice

Disclaimer: Obviously the toppings you choose add carbs… only the waffle itself is carb-free



  1. Mix protein powder, whole egg, water, stevia, and baking powder in a bowl
  2. Pour onto greased waffle maker or stove-top pan
  3. Let cook until it fluffs up and flip
  4. Remove and top with toppings of choice… Super easy!

For the PB/JIF peanut powder
– I like to use this instead of regular peanut butter because it has WAY less fat and tastes almost the same to me. My tip is to mix it with a bit of milk instead of water like the instructions say. It makes it taste way better. I use cashew milk and I also add 1 packet of stevia to it. Trust me, it’s way better this way. My sister-in-law saw me eating it at the beach and she was like ewww that stuff is awful… then I taught her my way of mixing it and now she actually uses it too! 🙂


Hope you enjoy!






  1. These waffles sound amazing! I can finally put my protein powder to good use! Can’t wait to give this a try.

  2. This looks and sounds delicious! I try to eat low-carb so I will definitely try this recipe. Thanks for sharing!

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