Foods that Fool; Special K Edition

Foods that Fool: Special K Cereal
Oh how fooling marketing tactics
can be.
“The Special K Diet”… Seriously?
This is a ploy people.

And trust me, I’m not being Judge Judy over here.
I too have been fooled by many of the “diet” food scams.
 I’m certainly a girl who likes to stay
slim and trim,
so give me something that’s both lo-cal and tasty,
and I’m a happy girl.

But this isn’t one of them.

I can picture the Kellogg’s marketing team now:
“What can we do to increase
“I’ve got it! Convince women that eating
our products will cause weight loss”
Not only is this a ridiculous notion
the simple fact that carbs
(whether you think they are good or bad)
can not possibly cause weight loss.
Protein? Sure. Fiber? Sure.
But carbs…..? Nope.

That simple fact aside, nutritionists agree that
eating foods with fewer ingredients
is a key element in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
Shoot for less than 10.

So how many ingredients are in one of
Special K’s “healthiest” flavored cereals?

And what’s even more disturbing,
is that most of us don’t even know what
half of these ingredients are.
Take BHT for example, Butylated
Hydroxytoluene, a chemical which has been linked to
 as well as a hormone disrupter.

It’s used to extend the shelf-life of cereals in the U.S…. Yes, JUST the
It’s banned in other countries due
to it’s harmful side effects.

Also, take note of the vast amount of
 different sweeteners it contains;
corn syrup, brown sugar syrup, brown sugar, malt flavoring, confectioner’s
glaze, maltodextrin, honey, molasses.

How many sugars does 1 product need???

America- Land of the Free… and the Obese. Just Sayin.



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