Workout Motivation

Hi guys!
So with Summer quickly approaching,
I feel like now is the perfect time to talk about some of my
sneaky tricks for keeping my butt in shape.

1. Switch it Up

I am a bit of a workout-junkie myself.
I love to switch things up and I am constantly
switching which gyms I go to and what sort of fitness
I am “into” that month.

What I mean by that is one month I’ll be super
into running and thats all I’ll do every day.
Then the next month I’m into weights and thats
what I focus on improving on.
Next month I get a flywheel membership,
month after that I have a Core-Power Yoga membership,
I could go on and on….Now I totally know that sounds a bit crazy to constantly
be starting and ending memberships, but what I’ve learned
is that 1 month is usually the perfect period of time where I start
to get bored of a certain activity. Or at least to the point where it’s
no longer “new and exciting”.
It’s also the time frame that you can get the new-member discount 🙂
hehe. Sneaky trick: most studios only keep your information for 3 months,
so you can be a “new member” more than once … usually.

2. Buy a New Outfit
Another motivation trick is to buy some new workout
clothes that you feel cute in. I know that seems silly,
but for me that honestly works. Whenever I buy new workout gear
I feel super motivated to put them to use/ show them off.This is especially true whenever I buy a new tech gadget
such as a step-tracker. I don’t know what it is about seeing that number,
but I always feel like when I wear mine I am more inclined to run
the extra mile or park a bit further from the super-market.
Is that weird?

I mean I know that wearing the watch doesn’t actually burn any
extra calories or anything, but I just feel like I have to be more fit when I wear it.

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3. Make a You-tube Playlist

Anyone who knows me knows that I am weird and I actually
LOVE the stair-master and the treadmill.
The reason being that I feel so much more motivated
when I can watch music videos on my ipad or iphone while I’m working out.

Something about listening to the music while actually watching something
just takes my mind off of the actual workout and makes the time go by so much faster.

If you’ve never tried that, I highly recommend making a you-tube
playlist of all inspirational music videos, sports clips, etc…
Oh, I also have the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on my playlist….
because if that isn’t going to motivate me to run faster then nothing will.

4. Plan in Advance

Have a plan! For me, writing out my workout plans/goals
in advance really helps me stick to them.
For example, Mondays are typically my “admin” days
where I work from my apartment and plan out my whole week.


This is also the time that I write in my planner
when I can fit in my workout and what I’m going to try to do that day.

Which brings me to tip #5…

5. Start Your Day with a Workout

Okay so this is probably the toughest one to actually do,
but i’d say it’s also probably the most beneficial.

The reason I say that is because getting your workout
done first thing in the morning just sets up your whole day
and also gets it out of the way.

When I worked at a 9-5 job I used to get up at 5:30am
to go to a 6am workout class every morning before work.

The reason for this is that when I got off around 5,
I just dreaded fighting traffic to go to the gym.
Like literally that was the last thing I wanted to do.

Plus, I hated that I would say no to social activities
due to the fact that I wanted to workout rather than
go get a drink with co-workers or friends.

Now that I have a much more flexible work schedule,
I obviously don’t get up at 5:30am anymore.
However, I recently have gotten back in to
working out first thing when I wake up around 8.

For me, this has helped my productivity in all aspects of my life-
both personal and professional.
Getting it out of the way just helps me to get my day started
rather that procrastinating around my apartment for half the day.

Hope these help!!!

What are some of y’alls favorite workouts?

xoxo, Abby

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