What’s in my Bag?

Hi there and happy Thursday! Today is my last full day at Hyatt before I start training for my new job! I’m a mix of nerves and excitement right now. I fly out to Cleveland on Sunday morning for a week of training with Diageo, then fly straight to Vegas for a bachelorette party, start my new position on Monday, then leave for Florida for a week of vacation with the fam bam. Busy Busy Busy. So if anyone wants to rent out an apartment for the month of August… I’m your girl. Ha!
Anyways, I’ve always loved the “Whats in my bag?” section of Cosmo, so I decided to do one of my own. For starters- don’t judge me. My bag weighs about 10 pounds and that’s the way I like it. I have a weird compulsion about needing to carry anything I could possibly need with me at all times. I’ve always been like that though. My mom says that when I was little I used to carry around this itty bitty purse and collect anything random that would fit in it….such as batteries, Polly Pocket’s mini hair brush, tic tacs, etc. haha.
 My family and friends always make fun of me, but hey- if we’re stuck somewhere and someone starts to get ‘Hangry’ … I’m the one they come to.
I have at least 2 different snack options on me at all times. One healthy, I’m probably just bored eating, snack. And one, omg my blood sugar just dropped and I need a candy bar ASAP, snack.
Don’t pretend you don’t feel that way sometimes! My dad is the king of this.
My mom usually carries little mini chocolate bars in her purse for these moments.
NatureBox has perfect sized healthy snacks to throw in your purse or gym bag… or QuestBars are great if you need large amounts of protein quickly (my favorite flavor is cookie dough, so good!)
Trader Joes chocolate covered espresso pillows and Sugar Free Werthers are my bored at my desk and need something in my mouth- guilty pleasures.
Currently reading- Gone Girl. Yeah yeah “so last year” but whatever, I’m late to the game.
And yes- it really is THAT good.
I just finished reading “The Luckiest Girl Alive,” which is definitely on my top 10 list of books so if you’re in need of a good read- this one is great!
Next up I’ll be reading:
“All Fall Down” by Jennifer Weiner and
  “For the Right Reasons” by none other than Sean Lowe. haha.
I have a large planner (from Target $15) that I write down my daily to-do’s,
as well as a mini-planner from Francesca’s that I write down important dates and meetings in for quick at a glance type things.
Ralph Lauren glasses 
Leopard make-up bags: one for lipsticks, one for everything else.
Tory Burch wallet (Mauricio gifted me this)
Mio- I have an issue with drinking plain water
Truvia- to satisfy my coffee addiction
Headphones- to tune out office talk
Teasing comb– because I was in a sorority and now it’s ingrained into me lol
keys- for the obvious reason
Kate Spade Bag 🙂
What’s in your bag? Do y’all horde this much stuff around too?

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