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I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends:

Okay, I know what you’re thinking.
“There is no way I am reading a book about a reality show villian”
That’s just silly.
trust, it’s totally worth your time.

It’s definitely not a book you want to carry around with you like,
 “hey look at me I’m smart, I read!”
But, for a quick easy read- It’s gold!

takes you through all the behind-the-scenes
action that no one gets to see, as well as a look at how the drama
 between the women actually unfolded.

My favorite part is that Courtney actually owns up to
everything she said and did.
She doesn’t try to play the victim, she simply gives the reader
 a deeper look at pertinent parts of the
conversation that were cut out
 to make the scene look juicier.

spills the dirt on what went on in the house,
Ben’s winery, and celebrity hookups.

4 Stars!!
This is definitely a guilty pleasure type of read, but you won’t be
P.S. – I purchased the Kindle version and read it on the stair master
 every morning, which made my workouts
fly bye!

Big Little Lies: 
A comical, yet mysterious, novel
revolving around
3 Australian moms, a death, and many secrets.
Moriarty introduces a murder scene
in the very first chapter, then flashes back and forth between stories, giving
us clues along the way.
Our 3 main characters, Madeline,
Celeste, and Jade, are brought together on the first day of school as an
incident of bullying is brought to light.
Moriarty creates an instant divide amongst the parents as they each try to
place blame, yet ignoring the real problem at hand.
Pirriwee Elementary is flooded with
overly eager moms who use the successes of their kids as a symbol of their own
Big Little Lies is a brilliant take on ex-husbands and second wives,
mothers and daughters, schoolyard scandal, and the dangerous little lies we
tell ourselves just to survive.


I loved this book and would highly suggest
it to anyone looking for a fun read.
It’s humorous, captivating, and sometimes chilling.
 The characters are unique, yet relatable
in their individual ways,
and Moriarty inserts just enough mystery to keep
the pages turning through the night.

 We Were Liars:
This is a story about a super wealthy family-the Sinclairs-
who vacation on a private island off the coast of Massachusetts every summer. 
The story is narrated by Cadence,
who has some sort of accident or illness effecting her memory.
The “liars” are three teenage cousins —
Johnny, Mirren, Cadence, and Johnny’s friend, Gat.
Cadence finds herself immediately attracted to Gat’s dark skin and good looks
but her grandfather does not approve of his up-bringing. 

The four liars are inseparable during these summer’s on the private island, 
creating their own little clique away from the rest of their pompous family.
As the years go by, their family debauchery intensifies. 

It all comes to a head during the summer of her 15th birthday,
as Cadence is involved in a devastating accident
that leaves her with paralyzing migraines and complete amnesia
Cadence quizzes her family and friends, searching for an answer.

“ I suppose that I was raped or attacked
or some godforsaken something.
That’s the kind of thing that makes 

people have amnesia, isn’t it?”

The story flashes back and forth in time as Cadence, and the reader,
struggle to piece together the events of that tragic night

3 Stars. This book was definitely a good read,
but it’s not one that I would consider reading a second time.
 It kept me guessing from start to finish,
but I found the ending to be a bit of a stretch.
 If you’re into those types of books/movies where the ending
 is basically the complete opposite of what you thought,
then this book is for you!

and Tweeting
guilty pleasure, but again it’s great!
If you have your doubts, 
save it as a beach read and then thank me later.
housewife has been known to tell it like it is,
 and make no apologies for it.It’s
refreshing actually. 
She has zero-filter, and it’s amazing.

Would I dream of saying half the things she does? No.
But that’s what makes reading her words so enjoyable.

brings us stories of her lying cheating ex-husband, 
pill-popping, and Vaginoplasty … aka Vaginal Rejuvenation.
{So I did learn a new word from this book

I think this book deserves like 3 ½ stars. 

It was very entertaining and kept me
from getting 
too annoyed during my 2 hour flight delay. 
It was short and sweet,
and didn’t require too much thought. 
I’d say this is a perfect book to read on
the beach 
or with a glass of wine in hand, or both. 

I’m currently reading “All The Light We Cannot See,”
but am struggling through it a little. I read so many raving reviews for it, so I’m a bit sad that it’s not capturing my full attention yet. It has such an inspiring plot line so I’m hoping that I will be hooked soon!
Has anyone else gotten in a slump with this book?

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