Weekend Recap: Eating Healthy When Traveling v2

Hi friends!

I recently got back in town from a weekend in Chicago
visiting my fiance and attending one of his old soccer
teammates wedding in the city.


poor marley girl wanted to come with me lol

We had so much fun and packed a sh*t ton of stuff
all in like 48 hours. I flew in Friday and flew out Sunday evening.

‘What I eat in a Day’ posts seem to be popular so I figured
it might be helpful for those who wonder how to eat
healthy/follow a specific dietary plan when traveling.

For me, I’ve been following a mostly vegan diet the past several months
so here is a recap of what Mauricio and I did/ate in Chicago all weekend.


Packed 1/2 a sandwich and Bare Apple Chips on plane:
img_0066what I use to make super simple vegan turkey sandwiches

Highly recommend these if you find them!


Mauricio grabbed me a salad from Freshii to quickly scarf
down before changing clothes and heading out to meet everyone at a bar
for post-rehearsal dinner drinks.

{Create your own salad menu from freshii}
Perfect for picky people like me!


The next morning Mauricio and I woke up early and went
to a circuit class at Equinox.

Afterwords we to Beatrix for Brunch where I got
an almond milk cappuccino along with the
ten-grain Oatmeal and a side of tomatoes and avocado.


Mauricio did the juevos ranchero buffet which was a collection of eggs, meat,
guacamole, salsa, chips, etc.
{can you tell we don’t share the same eating habits? lol}
He grabbed me some chips to eat with my tomatos and avocado
which made me a very satisfied little girl 🙂

After brunch we went back to the hotel
(we got a room at the hotel the wedding was at)
snuggled for a bit then started showering and getting ready to
go back to his apartment to pre-game and hang out with
his roommates and their girlfriends.

His roommates got some champagne and apple-cider
to make apple-cider mimosas,
along with wheat thins and a charcuterie board for everyone
to snack on while we were getting ready/pre-gaming.

I basically just snacked on the wheat thins and had a
gatorade as my “lunch” (we ate brunch at 11:30 so it’s not
as if we really skipped a meal, although the way Mauricio
acted as we were waiting for them to serve dinner at the wedding,
you would have thought we hadn’t eaten in weeks) lol.

For dinner the bride and groom were kind enough to tell the
catering company that I was a vegan and they gave me a
quinoa, bean, and veggie dish that was actually really good.

{This is why I say I’m “mostly vegan” because had they not been
able/willing to do a vegan entree, I would have eaten the fish 
and not made a big deal out of it. Although I do believe the 
way that any animal are treated as they are being killed
is absolutely cruel, I think it’s even more important not to be rude
to your hosts or make people feel uncomfortable eating with you.
So no, I don’t buy fish or any animal products at home or if I go
out with my family, but if I’m eating at someone else’s home or a guest
somewhere I do my best not to make a scene of my eating preferences.}

The wedding was a blast. We danced all night and it was great to finally
meet some of his friends/teammates and their girlfriends.

The next morning I woke up not feeling so great
{this is when I realized I definitely didn’t follow my rule
of sticking to the same liquor all night}
So I ordered an english muffin and jam plate from room service,
and took 2 advil along with Maple Water (similar benefits to coconut water).


An hour later I had to get in a cab and head to the airport,
which was quite miserable but I managed to keep in my breakfast

Does anyone else pack snacks for the plane?
If so, what are you favorite healthy “security approved” snacks?

xoxo, abby


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