Boston City Guide

Explore Boston Common Public Gardens




Have Brunch at Pier 6 in Waterfront



Explore Beacon Hill — Be sure to take a photo on Acorn Street

Visit the Boston Public Library



Indulge in the most insta-worthy cupcakes at Sweet Bakery


Shop on Newbury Street (think Michigan Ave without the massive amount of tourists)


Take a break from shopping & have lunch on the patio at Stephanie’s on Newbury


Walk around Back Bay
All of the Brownstones there are really pretty… and they have the best stoops 🙂




Enjoy a glass of Wine and Delicious Fresh Seafood at Select Oyster Bar for Dinner



When people think of Boston, they typically think of the History associated with it. However, Boston also has AMAZING food and beautiful scenery. So for those of you coming to Boston that aren’t necessarily keen to going on a bunch of tours during your stay- this is the post for you!

The above spots have been my favorites so far. It gives you a great balance of (light) sight-seeing as well as a taste of the delicious New England Seafood and treats.

While my parents were here we did do one tour- the Boston Harbor Tour. However, I didn’t include it on here because none of us felt it was really that great. Some people may enjoy the boat ride, so don’t completely write it off your list, but its not something I would personally take visitors to again.

One alternative suggestion I’ve heard good things about are the Boston Duck Tours. IF and ONLY IF you are interested in learning about all of Bostons history. If you don’t care, then just see Boston on your own by foot- its a beautiful city. And honestly, you’ll run into a ton of historical sites just simply by walking around… its everywhere.


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xx, Abby


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