Wedding Update

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Hi friends,

I thought I’d give an update as to how the wedding planning is coming along so far.
Hopefully this will help my fellow bride-to-be’s out there
who may still need some vendor suggestions.
Also, help me out if you have any you suggestions for me
as well please! 🙂

So far we have the Venue, Florist, Band, Photographer, and Videographer all booked!
That is a HUGE weight off of my shoulders and so the planning has been
way less stressful this past month or so.

Venue: Stone Crest Venue


Florist: The Stalk Market
Band: Limelight
Photographer: Jeff Brummett
screen-shot-2016-09-25-at-11-48-02-pm    screen-shot-2016-09-25-at-11-52-16-pm
Videographer: The McKellars

Now we are searching for the dress! We went to one place and I tried on some,
but none of them were the style that I’m going for.
We still have ample time before the wedding,
but apparently wedding dresses don’t come in small sizes
so you literally have to buy a dress in a size 6x too big,
wait 3 months for them to get it in to the store,
then pay buttloads of money to have them cut the dress in half?

Needless to say, we are trying to find a dress sooner than later.

Next up on the list of thing to do/book are:

1. Caterer
2. Order Cake
3. String Quartet
4. Photobooth + Lighting Company?
5. Order Invitations
6. Set up Wedding Website
7. Plan Honeymoon

And I think that’s it actually!
I work for a liquor company so we obviously
already know what brands of liquor we’ll be serving,
along with a few different wines and beer options,
but that should all be pretty simple.

The next thing we need to get on asap (besides searching for a gown)
are designing the invitations and the wedding website.
These are kind of the themes I’m looking at for invitations…



Mauricio and I already asked our bridal party, so that’s taken care of.
The style I’m going for the bridesmaids is a blush pink color,
but I want to find a bridesmaids boutique that offers
different style dresses of that same material and color.

this is the look I’m going for, but short cocktail dresses and slightly pinker than these


I think it’s nice when the girls can choose the style that fits their body shape
best that way they feel comfortable and can hopefully get a second use from the dress!

Mauricio and I are currently working on planning our Honeymoon-
we have our hearts set on New Zealand,
but we’re still trying to map out whether it’s doable or not.
We have enough time to do 10 days, but after that we have to
come back and pick up mrs. marley kitty and then
fly to Boston and get settled in before Mauricio
begins his new job there.

Does anyone have any suggestions on where to find a dress?!
PLEEASSEEEE help a sista out.
I’m looking for a simple yet elegant fitted-lace gown with a long train.
You wouldn’t think that would be so hard to find,
but apparently that’s not exactly the “in” style dress right now.
Everywhere I’ve looked has very over-the-top beaded dresses with a bunch of
flowers and crap on it that I don’t want. lol.

Otherwise, they’re a designer gown for like $10k.. papa glenn won’t go for that. lol

If you are a bride or know a bride who found their dress here in DFW
please leave the name of the retailer down below!

xoxo, abby


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