Wedding Update: My Top 10 Tips for Engagement Photos


So Mauricio and I FINALLY got around to taking our engagement photos! We were kind of cutting it close, as we should be sending out Save the Dates by next month. Luckily our photographer has been really diligent in editing the photos for us so every day this week we have gotten more and more of them back. So far we are really loving them, but I definitely have some suggestions/lessons learned for future brides….

  1. Make sure to communicate ahead of time with your photographer as to what kind of photos you want out of the shoot. The photographer likely doesn’t know you very well, if at all, so don’t expect him/her to know what kind of photos will suit you.
  2. Pick outfits that compliment each other, but I also recommend taking some trial photos beforehand because as most ladies know, sometimes a killer outfit actually looks piss poor in photos.
  3. Choose sites that aren’t too crowded. Mauricio and I did ours at both the Arboretum and White Rock Lake. Personally, I like the photos we did at the lake better because we weren’t fighting to get other people out of the shot.
  4. Start shooting 2-3 hours before sunset, depending on how much time you get with your photographer. Ours was very generous and let us shoot from 2:30-5:45pm with sunset being at 5:30. The pictures that were taken right around sunset are definitely my favorites.
  5. Pick out makeup colors that flatter BOTH outfits {if you are doing an outfit change} don’t just match your makeup to your first outfit, otherwise you may end up with some contrasting colors in your second outfit. For example, my go-to lip color is berry or red… however, one of my dresses was coral which would have looked terrible. Had I just gone with it, the pics in my blue sweater dress would have turned out great but the other half of the photos probably would have looked off.
  6. Have someone you trust do your makeup. Don’t use someone for the very first time.
  7. Try to be as natural as possible– it gets kind of awkward “pretending to laugh” and start kissing or ‘almost kissing’ for prolonged periods of time. You’ll get more comfortable as the shoot goes on. Honestly, if you’re easily uncomfortable, I suggest doing a shot beforehand. lol.
  8. BRING A FRIEND! Mauricio and I didn’t think of this, and we wish we would have. My sister in law (whom also did my makeup) mentioned it after the fact and it was something I wish I would have thought of because Mauricio and I┬ácan both be very picky {aka vain} about how we look in photos.
  9. Bring a comb. You’re hair (and his) will inevitably get messed up throughout the shoot. Save the photographer some editing and check your hair occassionally.
  10. Lastly, and most importantly, SPEAK UP! If you don’t like the poses you are in, SAY SOMETHING! Mauricio and I’s photos turned out really well, however, there is a chunk of photos of us in this 1 pose that both of us hate. And to be fair, we knew we were going to hate it but we kept doing what he said. Looking back, we should have said “ya know that pose isn’t really us, can we try this instead?” IT YOUR PHOTOS, YOU ARE THE CLIENT!

And there you have it, my top 10 tips for taking Engagement Photos!! Hope it helps.




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