Wedding Update: Invitations

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Hi friends.
A little Wedding Update here for ya 🙂

We (and by “we” I mean “me”) recently sent out our
save-the-date cards and are now in the process of looking/designing our
custom wedding invitations

Our save-the-dates turned out so beautifully though
that I felt obliged to write a review post on working with Minted.

They have so many different layout, font, and color options
to choose from so it’s pretty unlikely that you won’t find something you like.

In my case, I had way too many I liked.
I ended up narrowing it down to my top 10
(5 layouts with 1 picture and those same 5 layouts with another picture)
then I had my maid of honor and one of my other best friends that lives in town
help me narrow it down from there.

The way Minted breaks it down is by photo orientation,
number of photos, print type, text placement, and colors.

I knew immediately that I wanted to keep it to 1 photo on the front
and 1 photo on the back with a short bio paired with the back photo.

After looking at the various formats,
I also knew I definitely wanted it to be Foil Pressed.

So that narrowed down my options quite a bit (thankfully).

Our wedding colors are Blush, Gold, and Navy Blue
which made choosing the color scheme easy-peasy
since all of the foil-pressed invites had a gold foil option.

Really the only thing I weighed back and forth on
was which font style to choose.

Of course I wanted cursive,
but there are like a billion different cursive options,
{Which makes sense with it being a stationary company and all}
so I ended up choosing the one with the simple gold border
around the edge of the photo.
That seems like such a small detail, but with the photo
that we chose for the front, it just fit perfectly.

My parents favorite part was that they were actually super reasonable in price.
In my opinion: they look a bit more expensive than they actually were.
Which is the ultimate goal of course.

What’s also nice is that they will send you 3 free
sample invitations to give you a tangible idea of what
the quality of their work is like. (click on that link for the free samples)

Okay so now I’m off to start designing the
Wedding Invitations 🙂
Stay tuned!

PS- Minted also designs stationary and invitations for every holiday
and event you could possibly think of… not just weddings 🙂

xoxo, Abby

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