Wedding Update: CN Catering Event

I can’t believe how much everything is coming together…
As of now we have the venue, the photographer, videographer,
the florist, the band, the dress, and now the caterer (well potentially).

Last night my parents and I went to an event at ‘The Room on Main’
hosted by CN Catering to get a feel for what kinds of food they serve
and what the various service options are.

As of right now, we are leaning towards doing passed hors d’oeuvres
during cocktail hour and then a buffet for dinner since we want to get it
over with as fast as possible so we can start the fun part… dancing!

Since my venue has us be out by midnight and the band has to stop at 11,
we want to get the most bang for our buck and have them start as soon as possible.
That being said, even though we initially wanted to do a plated meal,
it logistically just doesn’t work out.
{plated meals take around 2 hours from sit down to clearing}

That being said, we still want to provide a sort of
elegance to the dinner so we are working out how to
make the buffet options unique.
Here are the different apps and meal options they showcased at the event….
Most of which don’t exactly fall in line with my food preferences
{I try not to eat any animal products}
however, I did taste a few of the items that had cheese baked in them
simply because I wanted to be able to decide whether or not to
serve it at the wedding.
However, I left the meat decisions up to my dad…. lets just say he was
grateful to be the taster for the night. lol.

Passed hors d’oeuvres options:

Honey Walnut Crusted Shrimp: YES!
Bruschetta: Good, but too common
Mushroom Empanada: Okay
Taco: Dad enjoyed enough that he took a second one
Panko Crusted Mac N’ Cheese Ball: Again, Dad loved. Great option for a 1 bite app.
Meatball: Dad said it was good, but its just a meat ball so probably not our choice.





Dinner Options:

Salads: We are going for the one without the bacon in the salad  obvi (don’t understand why ppl do that)
Chicken: Several Chicken Options… mom chose the one with the Capers and Wine Sauce
2nd Meat (Steak Option): They have 6 different choices ranging from brisket to tenderloin… we are thinking we will go with Prime Rib, which is one step down from tenderloin.

Pastas: We all agreed on the Sundried Tomato Pasta.. Will probably ask for it to be served with no chicken
Potato Hash: Good, will probably serve as a side, but not in the martini glass.
Veggies: Asparagus and roasted carrots. Maybe going to see if they can add 1 more.

img_0178   img_0167
Late Night Munchie Options:

Donut Holes: YES!!!
The shooter: MEhhhhh it’s like a fancy Baileys shot if you ask me


Has anyone else used this Caterer? Or do you have a different caterer I should check out?
We haven’t committed yet so definitely still open to suggestions




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