Wedding Shower Attire

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Wedding season is about to be upon us, which means tons of bridal showers, couples showers, engagement parties, etc. are coming up!

Finding what to wear can be a bit challenging because you never know what the vibe of the party will be, therefore it’s sometimes hard to decipher what’s appropriate and what’s not. As a current bride, I’m going to give you some of my advice on determining what to wear and how to wear it!

Clue #1: What kind of shower is it?

If it’s a bridal shower, I think a dress is definitely the go-to attire. Keep it bright,modest, and feminine and you will be golden! If it’s a couples shower, I still think a dress is a safe bet, but you could also do something more casual since the guys aren’t likely to show up in a button down. Weigh the guest list, if it’s a mostly young guest list then I think you can get away with being a little less formal.

Clue #2: What time of day is it?

So if it’s a morning event, I think it’s best to stick with Church attire. These are typically bridal brunches, which includes sipping tea, eating little sandwiches, playing silly games and chatting with people you probably haven’t seen in a while. ha. Best to keep it extra conservative at this type of event. My advice is to wear a tea-length dress and bring a sweater so you can throw it on over top if you need to be even more “classy”.

Now if it’s a late afternoon/evening shower, you can get away with wearing something shorter and more “trendy” aka its fine to wear the choker and half pony. These type of events usually include booze and are a bit more relaxed. Just don’t wear a white dress or daisy duke shorts and you’ll be fine.

This is as example of a dress you could get away with at a restaurant or another type of venue, but I’m not sure I’d wear it to a day time shower at a parents house.


Clue #3:  Where is the shower being held?

If it’s at a parents house, I again would say to be a bit more conservative. You don’t want to walk into someones house dressed like you would be going to the club. Wear a colorful dress or a skirt and blouse and you’ll fit in just fine no matter what other people are wearing. My motto is that it’s always better to be over-dressed than under-dressed! Also, I ALWAYS carry a little sweater with me, that way if I do happen to feel out-of-place, I can cover up with a sweater and blend in.

If the shower is being held at a restaurant, look it up online and determine how nice it is and dress accordingly. This is an easy one. If it’s a steak house, DRESS UP! If it’s a Mexican restaurant, I think white jeans, heels, and a blouse will do the trick!


Clue #4: What is the Bride/ Bride + Grooms Personality?

This is key. For me, I want all of my friends to feel comfortable and have fun. I’m honestly not one of those brides that is like ‘everyone look at me and celebrate me’. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with that type of bride, because honestly, it is her day. But for me, I’m just not like that about weddings. As long as I look cute (LOL)  I could care less what other people wear. Honest. I wouldn’t want someone showing up in a fancy outfit that they don’t feel comfortable in or had to spend their paycheck to purchase strictly for my event.

Now my Fiance on the other hand, he is one of those people that goes WAY out of his way to make sure that everyone is entertained, so in return, he expects other people to respect the time he or his loved ones put into planning and dress nicely. This goes more for the actual wedding than the showers, but still, knowing his personality I would dress relatively nice. No leggings or tshirts.

Anyways, if you’re going to a couples shower, weigh the styles of the couple into planning your outfit. If you know they are going to be very dressed up, you should dress up a bit too. However, if they’re a very casual couple, you don’t want to over-shadow them by showing up in a designer gown or a suit jacket knowing they will be dressed in every-day clothes.


  • Wear a colorful (not too tight) dress
  • bring a sweater
  • wear shoes you’ll be comfortable standing in for a few hours
    • (wedges are a great option!)
  • Don’t Wear White (duh!)

… and you’ll be golden! <3 

Example of what not to wear 🙂 Save this look for the bride. Even if you think the bride isn’t one to care about that kind of thing (like me) I promise other people will notice and it’s not worth the chatter. PS- this would be a perfect look for a bride with a an outdoor shower. 


Here are some example dresses that I think would be perfect for any shower…



Love, Abigail Kristine



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