I Said Yes to the Dress!

Hi Guys!
Good news- I found the dress!!!
Yippeeeee, pressures off.

To be completely honest,
I didn’t put that much effort into shopping for it.
Now I know what you’re thinking….
But Abby it’s your wedding dress?!

Yeah yeah, I know.
It’s not because I don’t care, I do,
but I just really don’t think wedding dresses are that pretty.

I think the bridal look as a whole looks stunning,
but when you just see the actual dress on the rack…
it seems like a ton of money for a bunch of poofy fabric.

Lucky for me, I found mine the 2nd place we went.
One of my mom’s good friends daughter just recently got married
and she is about my size and has similar taste,
so they did the legwork for us.

She told my mom that they went to numerous retailers
all around Dallas  and this place was the only one she
liked the dresses at.

So what did we do…. we skipped the headache and went right there! lol.

The store is called “Stardust Celebrations”
they carry gowns ranging in price from
$2,000 – $10,000
Designers include Hayley Paige, Lazaro, Alvalina Valenta, Eve of Milady
and several others.

screen-shot-2016-10-16-at-8-15-50-pm screen-shot-2016-10-16-at-8-17-50-pm

We went during the week so we were the only one there
and had the full attention of the staff. I tried on 8 or 9 dresses
and although my mom originally liked a more detailed
dress, this was the one I fell in love with from the start.

After trying both dresses on again, we all agreed that
the style of it complemented my figure much
better than the others and we went with it!

My favorite part was that I was able to add some
personal touches to it. The dress I tried on in the store
was a slightly different color then the shade I’m having them make it in,
plus I added an extra foot of lace train and lace buttons down the back!

I can’t wait for the designer to finish making MY dress
so I can actually see what it’ll look like!

PS- for future brides: Keep in mind that when you find your dress,
the one in the store isn’t actually yours… they have to order it from
the designer and then wait 4-5 months for it to be sent to the store.

At that time you start going through the whole alterations process
where they pretty much take apart the dress to make it fit you properly.
So…. it’s a process. That’s why my mom didn’t want me
to wait to long to pick out a dress.

Now on to search for a site for Bridesmaids dresses!
Anyone have any experience with
Bella Bridesmaids or Union Station?

I want to do floor length dresses all in the same color {Blush Pink}
but let the bridesmaids each choose the style of their dress.
That way if they aren’t comfortable in strapless,
they can choose one with straps,
or if they prefer little sleeves they can order one
that’s a little less revealing.

Bella Bridesmaids seems to have more options
but I’m not finding any dresses under $250…
which I feel like is kind of a steep ask?

Union Station has the option to rent which is really nice,
however, the quality of the material doesn’t look to be
quite as nice looking.

Please comment below or message me if you’ve worked
with either of these retailers or have another suggestion for me!!

xoxo, abby


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