Wedding Part I

hi friends!

yippeee we woke up today with a notification from our photographer that our wedding photos were ready! What a perfect surprise for a Saturday where Mauricio and I had nothing planned anyways 🙂

Because there are SO many great photos, I’m going to break them up into sections. So today is all about the getting ready process. I’ve always loved this section of photos when other people post their wedding photos and think that they are highly under-rated. People typically just post the ceremony and reception photos, which I think leaves out a huge chunk of the day.

Part of what makes the day so special, is spending it with all the people that love you most in the world (other than your significant other obviously). Getting ready with our individual bridal parties was a really special time for both Mauricio and I largely due to the fact that we knew we would be moving across the country in the following weeks and would therefor not be able to see them nearly as much after.

Additionally, Mauricio and I both attended out of state colleges, so most of the friends we made we very rarely get to see. 3 of my bridesmaids were my college roommates, whom all live in Missouri, and one of my high school best friends currently lives in Belgium, so you can imagine how few and far between ours visits are.

Needless to say, having everyone I care most about in one room was very special and likely something that will never have again (if you think about it, when do you get to get ALL of your best friends and family in one room together other than for a major life event?)


okay so here we go….


And then it was go time….. Ceremony up next 🙂


Special Thanks to our Vendors:

Photography: Jeff Brummett Visuals

Videographer: The McKellars

Venue: Stone Crest Venue

Makeup: Nastaran Darlington

Hair: Dallas Top Hairstylist

Decor: The Stalk Market

Bridesmaids Robes: Sincerely Sofi

Bridesmaids Hangers: Tim Flynn


xx, Abby


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