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Hi Friends!

Now that we are back from our honeymoon, I wanted to do a bit of an update on the week leading up to the wedding, i.e tanning routing, diet tips, emotional sanity, etc. lol Also, I’ll be randomly sprinkling in wedding photos taken from friends phones and such throughout the post. Obviously I don’t have any of the professional photos back (except the very last photo) yet so for now, here is a small taste of what the evening was like 🙂

First off, as most of you already know, the wedding process for Mauricio and I was quite abnormal to most. For starters, Mauricio was living in Chicago so all of his input on wedding details were figured out virtually. In fact, his first time seeing the venue was a week before the actual wedding.

Additionally, we are moving across the country (tomorrow) and left for our  honeymoon the day after the wedding so I had to be moved out of my apartment and in with my parents prior to all of the wedding festivities. Needless to say, the weeks leading up to the wedding were quite stressful as we had to finalize so many life details apart from just the wedding details.

Hopefully that doesn’t sound like I’m complaining, just trying to set the stage for how my emotional state was leading up to the big day.

Normally I’m HIGHLY un-emotional. I have no idea why, but I’ve always been one of those people that just doesn’t really get too upset about the ‘little things’. However, the week of the wedding I was EMOTIONAL. I know everyone says it’s normal, but for me it’s not so it was a very surreal feeling. People told me I would be, but I honestly just didn’t believe them.

Anyways, I wanted to preface with that just so that any other future brides reading this don’t just read my below tips and think I didn’t struggle with things, because I did. Okay so here we go:


Spray tanning before a wedding is a highly googled subject… likely because girls get so anxious about it turning out poorly and ending up a streaky mess on their big day.

I too was a bit cautious about getting one and second guessed myself quite a few times. However, I did in fact get one and I’m SO happy with how it turned out. Something about a spray tan just makes me feel so much more confident. So here’s how to ensure it turns out smoothly:

  • Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate. The week before the wedding, I made sure to exfoliate and moisturize daily so that my skin was perfectly smooth for when I got the spray. However, don’t put any lotion on the day before you get it because it can act as a barrier depending on what lotion you use.
  • VERSA TAN. I am a huge advocate of Versa Tanning Machines. The color turns out very natural and its way cheaper than having someone spray you personally.
    • Here is the concoction I get: Dark, Clear (meaning it develops over time), with prep + moisture. The prep and moisture cost extra but I promise its worth it. The prep helps the tan go on very smooth and the moisture at the end helps extend the tan, plus your skin feels so soft for days!
  • Don’t shower for at least 24 hours after you get it. At the salon they tell you to wait like 6 hours, but I promise it keeps developing so much longer than that. I always shower and wash my hair before I go get one.
  • Wash your face within an hour or so of getting it. I promise it’ll still be dark enough.

Additionally, for problem areas or just for a second layer of coverage, I highly suggest a product called Body Blur. It’s kind of like body makeup, but it also just makes skin look smoother and flawless. For example, a few months ago I burned my forearm on the stove and I now have a pretty bad scar there. For the wedding I dabbed on some of the body blur in that area and it really did camouflage it enough that you can’t see it in pictures. Not an ad, I truly do use this product and paid for it myself.

PS- Below is my sister in law, Nastaran Darlington, she is the beautiful woman who glammed me up for my big day. She is a professional makeup artist and just launched her own website. Please go check her out/ book her for your next big event, I promise she is amazing!

Instagram: @makeupbynastaran


Diet Tips:

Okay so I’m using the word diet here, but I swear I wasn’t on an actual diet nor do I really want to promote being on one. I am big believer in consuming a healthy diet year round and therefore didn’t necessarily need to change my diet too much leading up to the wedding.

The main thing I did change (and highly suggest) was cutting out alcohol and other un-necessary beverages the month of the wedding. It’s truly amazing how much lighter you feel after just a few weeks of cutting out soda, juice, alcohol and increasing your water intake. My digestion was the best it’s ever been and I feel like my whole system was just running so much more efficiently.

Another tip is to stick to WHOLE FOODS. Now I know that eating salmon and asparagus for dinner every night may not always sound appealing, but I really do promise you that eating an abundance of real foods rather than packaged foods makes a noticeable difference.

For example, I’ve always been someone who reads nutritional info on the things I eat. However, the month or so leading up to the wedding I had a ‘come to Jesus’ moment and realized I was filling my body with way too many low calorie snacks rather than just eating a substantial meal and sticking to the natural version of the food, which your body understands how to properly digest.

I’ll do a grocery haul for y’all this week as Mauricio and I will be starting from scratch once we move in to our new place.



I can’t believe that I am uttering these words, but I actually did NOT work out the three weeks leading up to the wedding. I know that may not seem like that long, however, from someone who used to get anxiety if I went even 2 days without exercising, it’s pretty weird. However, I felt like my body just really needed a break and so I finally decided to give it just that. I did do a yoga class a few times, just to de-stress, but thats really it.

For those that ARE looking to lose weight leading up to the big day: I would highly suggest joining a gym with some sort of HIIT style classes available. This style of workout is the most effective calorie burning method and also holds you more accountable since you’ll be working out with a group of people and won’t as likely stop and give up half way through.

For stress- yoga! Yoga is such a wonderful stress reliever and truly does just ease your mind and help set you up for a positive day. If you have a Core Power Yoga studio near you, that is my favorite style of yoga classes. I am crossing my fingers that there is one in Boston close to where we will be living!

Skin Care:

My two biggest tips are NOT to change anything up and to really up your WATER intake.

One mistake I made before the wedding was using a new pimple cream the dermatologist gave me a sample of. I had a relatively small breakout on my forehead the week before the wedding so I put some of the cream on them….well it was a little to potent for my very sensitive skin. Although it did reduce the size of the zit, it made the skin around it very delicate and flakey and it actually left me with a bit of a scab.

After having a minor freak out for a few days (I’m dramatic about this stuff, I can’t help it) it did clear up in time for the wedding, thank goodness.

WATER: I swear to you that water is the most effective skin treatment out there. It’s not fun, but I notice a significant difference in my skin when I don’t drink enough water. This is also coming from a girl who hates the taste of water. I know that sounds odd,  but I’ve just never had any desire to drink water. Growing up I always drank apple juice or orange juice, or during sporting events- Gatorade or Powerade.

My best tip is to find a natural water enhancer you like the taste of (not crystal light). My two favorites are ‘Stir’ in the flavor pineapple coconut or the Agave Five packets from Whole Foods in the flavor “Berry Bliss”

They both are made from natural sweeteners and make water taste like a treat- thus making me drink a lot more. Theres also the obvious lemon and lime infused route, which is probably even better for you, but doesn’t satisfy my sweet tooth like the water enhancers do.

Here are a couple of videos our bridal party caught on snapchat of our first dance <3

Okay this post has gotten a bit lengthy already so i’ll save the rest for another post. Ask me any questions below. I’m always open to post suggestions!

xx, Abby



  1. I loved your article, and found myself checking off similar things on my list- I’ll be getting married in a couple of weeks, so pretty much sticking to healthy meals, HIIT sessions and loads of water. You made a beautiful bride btw, and congratulations! 🙂

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