Save or Splurge: Band vs DJ

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One BIG hesitation people have when planning a wedding is whether to get a band or a DJ. Typically, a band is significantly more expensive than a DJ, so your wedding budget will definitely need to be laid out prior to making this decision.



If you do have a large enough budget to work with, than I HIGHLY suggest getting a band. I’m not going to lie, they eat up a huge portion of your budget, but in my opinion (and probably everyone who came to our wedding would agree) they are SO worth it…. IF you get a good one.



While wedding planning, our biggest thing was that it be like one big party where everyone has fun. Of course we also wanted it to be about our love story, but considering how far most of our guests were traveling in from, we REALLY wanted to show them a good time.


All in all, you definitely have to stay true to what YOU want to remember most about your wedding. If the food and the decor are more important to you than the music, then yes, a DJ is typically a much less expensive option and can save you a good chunk of money.

My best advice is to see whatever band or dj you’re going to hire  perform in person prior to hiring them. You want to see how they vibe with the crowd and whether they put on as good of a show as they are charging you for. NEVER sign with someone you haven’t heard yourself.

Additionally, I suggest trying to contact former brides that have used that band or dj before. They will be able to give you an honest review as to whether they would hire them again. Plus, brides are typically MORE than happy to re-live their day by talking about it with you 🙂


hope that helps




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