What I Eat: Vegan Style

Recently I received a ton of emails and DM’s about what kind of “diet” I follow and what a typical day of eating looks like for me. It’s been quite some time since I’ve done one of these, so I figured I may as well post it on here just incase there were other people out there that are curious.




Green Juice +  2 slices of Avocado Toast

First off, I’m not actually a “vegan” nor do I consider myself to be paleo-based.

I do however try to incorporate both of these styles of eating into my daily life.
They are very different styles of eating, but both have their benefits.

A Vegan or Plant Based style of eating really helps you to focus
your meals around plant based proteins and vegetables
rather than relying on animal products.

And Paleo style eating is great for losing weight
and cutting out some of the refined carbs present in most American diets.


Boca Burger + Veggie Soup


Again, I don’t follow either of these ‘diets’ strictly. They are simply the generic terms for the style of eating I typically practice.


mid-day snack

Got this bar from WF last week.
It’s from a new company that was
sampling their bars.
They are really tasty and have really natural ingredients.


This was Friday Night so Mauricio and I
had a date night at Stephanie’s on Newbury.
I was craving a big salad so I ordered a pear and spinach salad
with beets and grilled shrimp.

That patty on top was a big thing of fried goat cheese,
which I removed, both because I didn’t want it and bc you can’t eat soft cheeses when you’re pregnant- even if I had wanted to.

Clearly this meal was not entirely plant-based since
shrimp is not Vegan (obviously).
Which is again why I say I am a “mostly” plant based eater.



After dinner we stopped by Mauricio’s office to grab his stuff.
They have a bunch of drawers of snacks
(snacks are my weakness)
so I did end up eating a bag of Veggie Straws after dinner.
Not entirely healthy, but not entirely un-healthy either. lol.



SO Delicious Coconut Yogurt with
Blueberries and my homemade granola 🙂

{dates, shredded coconut, pecans, oats}
this stuff is so addicting.


In regard to the Paleo lifestyle, this is great for reducing temporary water-weight/bloat. So if you have an event coming up this is a style of eating I do highly recommend as a short-term fix.

I cut out all refined carbs, alcohol, and added sugars the two weeks leading up to my wedding- let me tell you, it works!


early afternoon…

green juice while shopping at target


Lunch and Dinner:

Mauricio had to work (yes even on Saturday 🙁 )
So after running my errands I met him near his office
to get lunch at Chipotle.

I can never finish the whole bowl in one sitting,
so this made two meals for me.

PS- I got the Safritas Bowl (aka tofu)
but actually it’s really tasty.
However, it is spicy, so if you don’t handle
spice well then it may not be for you.
Luckily they allow you to taste test it prior to ordering-
so you’re not committing to something you may not like. lol.
But I promise you, it doesn’t taste anything like tofu.



Stevia Sweetend Dark Chocolate (WF)



Quick breakfast before getting ready
and heading to the Veg Food Fest!
Best hubby award goes to Mauricio for going with me 🙂

Lunch was basically a cumulation of a ton
of complimentary samples at the food expo.
Post on that coming next week!
There were some surprisingly good products
that we tried and also some pretty terrible ones. lol.

mid-day snack:


For dinner tonight….


I make a huge batch of Quinoa for the week
that way when I’m in a hurry I can just heat
some up and throw some veggies and avocado in
it and I have a healthy meal in a matter of minutes!

This is a stir-fry mix with Quinoa and Avocado.
Topped with Sea Salt and Nutritional Yeast.

What I’ll have as an evening snack/dessert later….

These are from a vendor that was at the Veg Food Fest.
The Ginger Squares surprised me so much.
Normally I don’t like lemon/ginger desserts,
but these are delicious.
And the Garlic Herb Crackers
are grain-free and absolutely amazing.




Hope this post was helpful to you all!
If you have any other questions feel free to leave
them down below.

PS- I’m always HAPPY to answer any of y’alls questions
and love getting feedback from you all.

That being said, it really helps my blog if y’all will pretty please start leaving
them in the comments section down below rather than messaging me privately <3

Love you all and appreciate the support!





  1. Mmmmm! Yummy post!! I currently don’t eat dairy and limit a lot of other unhealthy things so I’m planning on going 100% vegan soon enough and this is SUCH a big help!! Thank you!

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