Vegan Meat & Dairy Alternatives

Hi friends!
One of the hardest things about transitioning to a vegan diet
isn’t so much the lack-of-meat, but rather a lack of information {in my opinion}

There are so many meat and dairy substitutes readily available
that make it so easy to make you favorite recipes,
sans the animal products.

All it takes is a little mental adjustment…  we have
been so conditioned into thinking that it’s “normal”
to have a dead cow patty on our plates, yet think
the idea of a veggie patty is “gross.” #irony

So even if you’re thinking…
“Nope, don’t care. Can’t do it. No
{my fiance’s thoughts exactly}
Don’t tune me out completely,
keep reading and maybe you’ll find a few items on this list
that make you think “oh, I didn’t realize they had an alternative for that?”

Even if you just decide to cut out meat and dairy from 1 meal a day,
or make a goal to go vegan during the work week,
or simply to eat vegan in your own  home.
I promise you will notice an improvement in both your
energy after meals and your digestion {regularity}
on the days you don’t eat animal products as opposed to the days that you do.

So instead of giving you a list of a bunch of expensive super-food items to buy,
I’m going to show you all the meat and dairy substitutes that are readily available
at pretty much every grocery story {aka not just whole foods}
that way you can start to purchase just a few things every time you go to the store
and see if this type of eating works for you.

Hamburgers –>Veggie Burgers

snip20140507_51 images

Turkey Sandwiches –> Tofurky Sandwiches:


Milk/Creamer –> Almond Milk/Creamer:

I use the Pecan Caramel and it’s delicious! ^^


Other Dairy Alternatives:

smart-balance-butter earth-balance-mayo-e1465226523339

They even sell Vegan Eggs Now!! But just for future reference,
you can always use 1/2 of a banana per egg in baking recipes.
{aka if a cookie recipes calls for 2 whole eggs, you can use 1 whole banana instead}




Any staple foods I’m forgetting???

Hope this helps!!

xoxo, abby



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