Spring Vibes & Green Juices

Hi guys!

So to continue on our city guide series, let’s talk about my all time favorite restaurant…. True Food Kitchen!!! I know I know, I’m so weird. I love healthy food and I just can’t contain myself with all the yummy eats and drinks that True Food Kitchen has on their menu. I almost always try something new and they never disappoint.

Lucky for me, they just opened a location in the new Legacy West Shops which is way more convenient for me than driving all the way up to the Dallas location (which my mom and I were still definitely willing to do).

I’m so happy they just developed this new area because I feel like all the outdoor shopping centers in the area have become so over-populated with all the huge corporations that have moved to the area. Suburbs usually get a pretty bad rep for having terrible dining options (usually only chain restaurants) but I’d say the Plano/Frisco area has really stepped it up in terms of bringing new and unique options and I couldn’t be happier.

Cherry Chia Lime-aid (my mom ordered this and loved it) Not too sweet and not too tart.

Almond Milk Cappaccino with 2 Truvia packets for me 🙂

This is the seasonal ingredient salad with chicken and the dressing on the side. Super yummy! For those of you who have messaged me about how to stay healthy when eating out- this is my #1 tip! Get the dressing on the side! A lot of times restaurants add way too much. Also, for salads like this I am a firm believer that you don’t need a dressing. There is so many flavorful ingredients that I truly don’t think the dressing is necessary.  By ordering it on the side you can decide for yourself whether or not you need a little something on it or if you can do without.

Inside Out Quinoa Burger with 1/2 side of sweet potato hash and 1/2 side of Kale Salad. This is what my mom ALWAYS gets… she never changes it up because she loves it so much.

I just absolutely love this white and blue combo! I felt some feminine and cute while also being comfortable. These block heels are so comfortable and easy to walk around in so they are perfect for day-time wear. 

{I would suggest sizing 1/2 size down in these heels… they run a tad bit big in my opinion}

I get the Kale-Aid and I absolutely love it. It’s my favorite green juice recipe.

If you’re not ready to fully dive into the green juice world, I suggest trying the Kale Coconut Smoothie. That’s what my sister-in-law ordered and it actually tasted like a treat. At first sip she goes “oh no does this have icecream in it?” Because it tasted so creamy and delicious but really its just the combination of the banana and honey added to the kale and coconut that make it so thick and creamy. A treat you can feel good about 🙂

What is y’alls favorite restaurant? Anyone else get a chance to go check out Legacy West yet?


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