True Food Kitchen Favorites


True Food Kitchen is my absolute favorite restaurant.
The atmosphere is super chic and inviting and the staff is always incredibly friendly.
It’s also nice because even people who don’t necessarily eat healthy
on an every-day  basis still enjoy dining here with you.
Even my in-laws who enjoy beef and pork regularly, enjoy the food here 🙂

img_0276-600x450They grow their own herbs 🙂

Pretty much every time I eat here I start with the Kale-Aid.
It’s the perfect mix of greens with a hint of sweetness
from the apple and zing from the ginger.
{Kale, Cucumber, Lemon, Ginger, Celery, Apple}



Thankfully, they mark every item on the menu with a
“V’ for Vegan, “Veg” for Vegetarian, and “GF” for Gluten Free.

Since I’ve been following a Vegan diet lately,
I’m going to point out the items on the menu that are specifically marked Vegan
(although I’m sure you could tweak some other items to make them vegan as well)

  • Miso Soup
  • Roasted Toybox Squash
  • Heirloom Tomato Brucshetta
  • Kale Quacamole
  • Shiitake and Tofu Lettuce Cups
  • Ancient Grains Bowl
  • Teriyaki Brown Rice Bowl
  • Andy’s Favorite “TLT” Sandwich
  • Organic Tomato and Roasted Kale Pizza
    Note: the brunch menu has all of those vegan options plus a Tofu Scramble Wrap.

I’ve personally had Andy’s Favorite TLT Sandwich and I think it’s delicious.
My mother on the other hand thinks it’s disgusting and she is a very healthy eater
so I’m not sure whether to guide you to order it or not.
If you’ve tried Tempeh before and like it, then absolutely get it!
If not, maybe ask the waiter if you can try a tiny piece of tempeh before ordering it?


Next up, my favorite which is the Teriyaki Brown Rice Bowl with Tofu added.
So good!! Ask them to go light on the Teriyaki though
because it all settles down to the bottom
which makes it not very good as leftovers if you don’t finish the whole thing.



My mom’s favorite dish is the Inside Out Quinoa Burger.
She literally never orders anything else and it’s one
of the few times I see her clear her plate at a restaurant.
She swears by it.
It’s not quite Vegan but you could certainly adjust it to be
by asking for no Tzatziki and no Feta.


It’s served with your choice of Sweet Potato Hash or Kale Salad…
or you can get half and half which is what my mom did and she said it was perfect that way.

My future mother-in-law joined us as well as she ordered the Honey Lemonade
along with the Ancient Grains Bowl (vegan) but added Steak (not vegan) lol.


What’s your favorite thing to order at True Food Kitchen?




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