Spring Haul

Hi guys! So first off I want to let you know that I just got my eyebrows
touch-ed up yesterday (you go back 4-6 weeks after the initial
appointment for them to fix any gaps)
so I will be doing a Microblading pt. 2 post very soon.

With how sunny and warm it’s been lately,
I’m already beginning to box up all my winter stuff
and pull out all my shorts and sun dresses.
That seems crazy since it’s February ….
but hey I don’t hate it! I’m a Spring baby
so I absolutely love this time of year.
Shorts with a long sleeve shirt and sandals is my absolute favorite.

Here are some of the items I recently purchased
or am about to purchase
to get my closet spring ready!


Spring Essentials


What items are currently in your wish list?




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