Surviving the 1st Trimester

Oh the first trimester, how glad I  am to be done with you. Now that I’m well into my second trimester, most of the terrible side-effects of the beginning stages of pregnancy have subsided. No more nausea, subsided headaches… (I do still get them but they don’t last ALL DAY […]


Paleo Pancakes

  hi friends! So today we’re taking a break from the wedding series and talking PANCAKES. First off, breakfast food is my favorite. When people say they don’t eat breakfast, I think they are crazy. I honestly go to bed excited for my breakfast and coffee in the morning. Maybe […]

Wedding Day Prep

Hi Friends! Now that we are back from our honeymoon, I wanted to do a bit of an update on the week leading up to the wedding, i.e tanning routing, diet tips, emotional sanity, etc. lol Also, I’ll be randomly sprinkling in wedding photos taken from friends phones and such […]

Life Lately + Eats

Hi beautiful readers, Wanted to give a bit of a ‘whats been going on in my life lately’ update since I’ve been a little more absent on here and social media than I usually am. So last week we moved me out of my apartment and back into my parents […]

10 Day Wedding Prep

Hi friends, Ahhh I can’t believe that I will be waking up a married woman in just 11 days! I remember picking our date and venue and thinking “wow thats 13 months away… why even bother planning yet?” lol how wrong I was. Although we are pretty much settled with […]

What’s in my Cart

Hi Friends!! Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a bit of a health food junkie. Although I did grow up in a very health conscious home, it wasn’t until College that I really started educating myself on nutrition and how the various things you put in your mouth affect […]

Spring Vibes & Green Juices

Hi guys! So to continue on our city guide series, let’s talk about my all time favorite restaurant…. True Food Kitchen!!! I know I know, I’m so weird. I love healthy food and I just can’t contain myself with all the yummy eats and drinks that True Food Kitchen has on […]

What to Pack: Gym Bag

Hi friends! Hope your week is off to a great start. Did everyone watch the bachelorette premier last night?! I went over to my mom’s house and watched it, as is our tradition. We always write down all the contestants and predict our final four. Haha so silly, but fun! […]

Healthy Travel Tips

Hi Friends! Happy Tuesday. Mauricio comes in town tonight (just for 1 night) on his way to his little brothers graduation in College Station. I haven’t seen him since our couples shower several weeks ago so I’m pretty excited, even if it is just a 1 night stay. He’ll also […]

GF Protein Banana Bread

Hi Friends! Today I’m sharing another one of my healthy alternatives to traditional sweet treats! I think I can confidently say pretty much everyone enjoys a warm slice of Banana Bread. Growing up I remember my mom baking the BEST banana bread. I always enjoyed the smell it left in […]