Today in Dallas:
60 degrees and Sunny.
Nothing makes me
happier than these sporadic sunny days in the dead of winter. Everything and everyone
just seem so much more beautiful and it truly makes you reflect on the
magnificence of the world.
I am a firm believer
that happiness comes from within. As cliché as it sounds, I truly do believe in
the power of positive thinking.
I believe that even
if you’re in a crummy situation,
you and only you,
have the ultimate
to decide how you are going to handle it.
No one wants to be
around a Mopey Mary or a
Surrounding ourselves
with people that see the
good in the world
 and enjoy life can make a drastic
impact on the way we ourselves perceive a situation.
And we too should
aspire to be the friend, family member, or co-worker, whom others look to for positivity and kindness.
Today, I am in an
exceptionally good mood because not only did I get to get out of the office for
the majority of the work day, but I also have all weekend off! (I have a
part-time job in addition to my full-time position at Hyatt, so this like NEVER
Which basically
means that I will spend the weekend splurging on myself and have to work double
the hours next weekend….but hey what’s a girl to do?!
Soooo.. Tomorrow= Salon
! (Much needed)
That will surely
bring out my own positive vibes J
I hope everyone has
a great weekend and

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