The Miracle Noodle

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So its the start of the new year and just like everyone else, I am vowing to up my nutrition game. Although I already pride myself on my healthy eating habits, I am terrible about substituting artificial sweeteners in-lieu-of the “real” stuff. No joke, Splenda is my kryptonite. Lucky for me, Stevia has popped out of the wood-works and is now readily available at any grocery or health food store. Now, if only Starbucks would start carrying it so that I can completely kick the habit. Which brings me to my first resolution:

  1. No more Aspartame 

This one is going to be really tricky for me if Starbucks doesn’t jump on the health bandwagon soon. That, or i’m going to need to start packing Stevia packets with me everywhere I go (not a bad idea).
Another start to my new year has been that I am attempting to adopt the Pescatarian Diet. This sounds harder than it is…. for me at least. I rarely eat meat to begin with, so as long as I don’t attend too many BBQ’s with an empty belly, I should be A-O.K. Now I just have to learn to deal with the “OMG WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO GIVE UP MEAT, I COULD NEVER” commentary from people.

   2. No More Meat (except fish…sorry fishies)

Since my boyfriend has been in town, we have eaten out A LOT, mainly due to the fact that he refuses to eat basically any of the food that I have in my fridge. And anything I make for him somehow doesn’t fill him up. So, in an attempt to prevent his midnight trips to Whataburger (when i’m sleeping), we have gone out for dinner almost every night for the past 2 weeks. Lucky for me, he is willing to support my healthy lifestyle and allows me to pick the restaurant.
On Friday, we met his parents at my favorite restaurant True Food Kitchen. Every time I go I try something different, and it never disappoints. Even my brisket-loving boyfriend and his parents enjoyed it!

After ordering a round of cocktails, we decided to get the Herb Hummus as an appetizer. Absolutely delish. We practically licked the plate clean. My one complaint is that they don’t give you much pita compared to the amount of hummus they pile on the plate. Hence the plate licking. Never the less, I still recommend ordering it. Just try to suck up to your waiter/waitress so that they throw you a couple extra slices of pita.

 photo e9fce709-f48f-499a-a60a-ad0bef829aae_zpsdb4696cb.pngI have had a serious craving for shrimp the last couple weeks so I got the Red Chili Shrimp as my entree and was pleasantly surprised with the Gluten/Carb free noodles in it. They tasted almost the same as the “real” noodles Mauricio’s mom got with hers. They are called Shirataki noodles, and they are honestly a god-send for anyone trying to cut carbs without having to give up spaghetti. They have just recently gained attention in the U.S, and are now referred to as the “Miracle Noodle”. Here is what I have found about them:

              • Japanese noodles made from Yams 
                • No Carbs, Lots of Fiber  
                • Typically sold in wet form (bagged in liquid)
                • Cook Free! Just rinse and drain before adding to recipe         

Side note: They also have a version made from Soy which has more flavor, but also a small amount of calories (I think like 40). Personally, the ones made from Yams are actually quite tasty when added to a Japanese dish or stir-fry so that it can soak up the flavors from the other ingredients such as veggies, shrimp, etc.




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