The 9-5 Girls Guide to staying fit

Now that I have officially graduated and entered Big Girl World, I have altered my day-to-day routine drastically. In college I worked as a bartender, so my day consisted of waking up at noon, going to a couple classes, working out, and then working until the wee hours of the night. This worked for me at the time, but now I can’t imagine reverting back to that way of life. 
I am a very routine oriented person by nature. I even catch myself falling into a routine of cooking the exact same foods every day, and running to the store to re-stock a particular item that i’m out of rather than just cooking something different. 
The one positive side to my need for control is my ability to pry myself out of bed at the buttcrack of dawn every morning to go workout. No matter how tired I feel, or how warm and cozy I am wrapped up in my blankets, my inner control freak yells at me to get my butt out of bed and start the day.

Starting the habit…

Lay out your clothes:

Laying out gym clothes by your bedside is seriously a game changer. When it’s still dark outside and you are shivering to find clothes, it’s so easy to just say screw it and crawl back under the sheets.
Butttt….. if they are neatly laid out for you its a fool proof way to force you into lacing up the tennis shoes. 

Meal Prep:

Another little trick I do is meal prep. Before I hit the sheets, I crack a few eggs and separate the whites into a bowl and put it in the fridge so that in the morning I can just pop it into the microwave while i’m going pee, and 45 seconds later…. wahlah!

Create a healthy breakfast you enjoy:

Breakfast is my by far my favorite meal of the day. I don’t eat meat, and I’m lactose intolerant, so eggs are my major source of protein… and I love it. Egg whites are super healthy and you can really spruce them up by adding spinach, peppers, goat cheese, avocado, onions, mushrooms…. the list goes on and on. My daily go-to breakfast is super duper simple- – 3 scrambled egg whites with a spoonful of Trader Joes Reduced Guilt Guacamole with 1 piece of almost burnt toast (yes…..burnt, I like it that way). I love this combo so much that I actually look forward to getting out of bed to make it 🙂

Pack your work clothes the night before:

After dinner, I always pick out an outfit for work and hang it in my car along with a bag of toiletries that I use to get ready after my workout. For me, this is actually super convenient because the lifetime I go to is a Diamond level, so they have razors, shaving cream, hairspray, etc. all laid out for you…. they even have sit down-vanity mirrors so you can relax while you get ready… its awesome! Getting ready in the locker room actually reduces the amount of time it takes me to get ready because i’m not tempted to watch TV, watch music videos, etc. So it keeps me on schedule and gets me out the door in time to stop for coffee on my way to work. 

Find a gym located near your office:

Lets be honest, the worst part about a 9-5 job is that you end up spending an hour sitting in traffic getting absolutely nothing done. Finding a gym located close to your office will significantly reduce the amount of time wasted in traffic on your morning drive. By driving the majority of the distance to the office/gym super early in the morning, there is likely to be little to no traffic so you can make it there easy peasy

Find what motivates you:

The iPad is a god-send when it comes to working out on the treadmill. People always ask me how I can stand running on the treadmill day after day. My answer? YOU TUBE VIDEOS! Seriously. You Tube is an endless supply of inspirational, funny, entertaining, and informative videos. One day I can spend an entire 50 minute workout watching Ellen videos and trying not to fall of the treadmill laughing. Then the next day i’ll up my cardio game by sprinting to powerful music videos. Needless to say, over the years I have compiled a pretty dense lineup of videos on my “favorites” list. 

I hope you find some of this helpful! 

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