The 411 on Supplements

Hey friends! Happy St. Patty’s Weekend. Hope you all had an enjoyable time at the parades and aren’t too terribly hungover from all the green beer. If so, maybe save this post for a day or two until you are feeling up for the gym again.

If you’re anything like me, you look at product reviews for like a good 30 minutes prior to buying anything upwards of $30.00… am I right? So I promise you I’ve done thorough research on these next few supplements and wouldn’t recommend them to you if I didn’t think they were “ethically” made products.

1). Ergonine by PEScience

Okay so rather than list all the things this product does, I have provided the link to the website which explains what each ingredient in this nine-in-one supplement does. They have several flavors now, but the only flavor I can vouch for is the Nana-berry which I really enjoy. It is not for people who don’t enjoy super sweet drinks though. Basically if you are a “straight water” person than maybe try the flavor-less version. If you are a “crystal light water” person than you will love it 🙂

I like to make fun little slushies with this… I tried mixing 1/2 scoop with some frozen fruit and that was pretty good.

2). High-Volume by PEScience

To be honest, this is a product I think is geared more for those that enjoy seeing their veins as they are working out their arms muscles. I received this product for free as I had to exchange for another product. The taste is AMAZING and it certainly does what it says it does, but I wouldn’t purchase it again simply because TO ME it’s not a necessity and I would rather spend my money on other products. It definitely DOES give you a pump though, my arms felt like they were popping out of my shirt when I was doing biceps. Girls– I only took 1/2 serving and I would suggest that you start off there too.


3). Xtreme BCAA’s in Blue Razz

This is my FAVORITE product. If you can only invest in 1 supplement, I truly think it should be this one. For starters, this flavor is amazing. I’ve tried a few and I always go back to this one. So what do BCAA’s do? Here is a great explanation:

The body runs off what we call Essential Amino Acids. These are amino acids that your body cannot make on its own. They must be consumed via diet. You see, when your body goes to make new protein, like the protein that make up your muscles, it requires that all of the 9 essential amino acids be present, not just the 3 BCAAs.
Your body starts by making muscle protein to build muscle mass. It incorporates the BCAAs into the growing protein chains, and then your genetic code calls for an essential amino acid. So what happens if you don’t have EAAs present? 
  1. 1. The new protein is terminated. 
  2. 2. Your body breaks down a pre-existing muscle protein (known as “catabolism”) in order to get the missing amino acid. The net effect is loss of muscle mass.
Yep… good stuff.

4). RAW Organic Greens

This is basically an ultra-concentrated powder to help get your daily serving of veggies in on day’s where you just didn’t quite get around to eating your broccoli 😉
I take this in the morning with my Apple Cider Vinegar Shot... because lets face it, may as well take all the nasty stuff at once.
Hope this helps some of you! I’ll do a post on Protein Powders and different recipes to make next 🙂 I’ve come up with some tasty night-time protein ice-cream recipes I think y’all will enjoy.



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