Sweater Dress & Wknd Recap


Hi friends-

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Mauricio didn’t get called in to work at all (thank god) and he actually got off at 5pm on Friday so we had a nice little weekend together.

I was in the North End finishing up a photoshoot around the time Mauricio got off, so we decided to meet some of his co-workers for cocktails (club soda) at a tapas restaurant right next door to Mauricios office. About an hour or so in, my tummy was getting really impatient and needed to be fed, so we decided just to go ahead and get a table there and have dinner.

Saturday we woke up and cleaned the apartment for a couple hours (much needed) before heading out the door to take some outfit pictures. You should have seen Mauricio holding one phone to take the pictures and the other phone to watch football…. hilarious.
Actually, I didn’t think it was that funny at the time…but I guess I should just be thankful he was willing to do it at all, even if it was half-hearted.

After our little “photoshoot” we came back inside to warm up (aka watch football) for a few hours before heading back out for a super fancy Chipotle dinner and movie date 😉

We saw ‘Three Bilboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri‘ which was REALLY good, but also pretty depressing. Maybe it’s the extra hormones I’m producing right now, but I definitely had a bit of a cry during it.

On Sundays Mauricio takes a GMAT Prep Course from 10-1, so I’ve been taking that time to go visit a few accounts and get some work done myself. Once he’s out I typically go pick him up and we go to lunch together. After that we came home and he studied (for the GMAT) for a good chunk of the day while I watched survivor and did my admin work.

Now it’s Monday (bleh) and we are heading off to the doctor to check up on our little guy! Fingers crossed everything is still going as expected!


Did y’all do anything fun this weekend? See any movies recently? Let me know in the comments down below- as I get further along in the pregnancy I’m thinking Mauricio and I are going to be spending a lot more date nights reclined at the movie theatre, so we need suggestions!






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