Surviving the 1st Trimester

Oh the first trimester, how glad I  am to be done with you. Now that I’m well into my second trimester, most of the terrible side-effects of the beginning stages of pregnancy have subsided. No more nausea, subsided headaches… (I do still get them but they don’t last ALL DAY anymore), no more keeping secrets, and we are past the dreaded 12 week hump!

For those of you who don’t know, the reason most moms keep it a secret through the first trimester is because that is when you are at the highest risk of mis-carriage. Mauricio and I also opted to do some additional gene testing that my doctor offers around the 12 week mark just to make sure the baby is healthy and there are no major complications. Because we decided to do these tests, we wanted to get the results back prior to announcing– which is why it took what (seems like) forever to announce the news.

Anyways, I am now roughly 16-17 weeks pregnant (again, it’s hard for them to know the exact date since my cycle isn’t regular). I’m thinking I’m closer to 17 weeks based on my current symptoms and the growth of the baby, but we shall see. The baby is going to come whenever he/she wants to come so theres really no use in speculating too much I guess.


Okay on to my tips for surviving the first trimester–

Ginger Chews:

Indigestion is the WORST during the first trimester. I was seriously RAVENOUS at all hours of the day, yet I would get terrible nausea and indigestion after eating anything more than 1/2 of a sandwich.

A few tricks I learned: Eat Saltine Crackers before eating anything else. Eat VERY small meals frequently to keep nausea away. The more empty your stomach gets, the worse the nausea is. I literally had to keep a PB&J by the bed so that I could nibble at when I woke up in the middle of the night both starving and then nauseous. Super fun right?

Okay GINGER CHEWS- ginger is the ultimate nausea cure. Chew on a  piece of ginger after you eat and it will really help. Sure ginger isn’t the best tasting thing ever, but it’s certainly better than throwing up.


Long Tops + Leggings: 

This is going to vary from person to person, but I gained over 5 pounds in that first trimester, so it’s safe to say that my jeans no longer fit comfortably. My legs stayed the same,but my waist was certainly beginning to expand. Not enough to fit in a size larger jeans, but enough that it was very uncomfortable around my tummy to button them. This is where the hair-tie trick comes in to handy… take a hair tie or rubber band and loop it around the button of your jeans and the first belt buckle. It gives you just a little extra room by not having to button them but also keeping them up. Genius.

If you’re not really a jeans person (like me) leggings and long tunic tops are clutch. Leggings are perfect because they fit to your body. The hardest thing about finding clothes for me has been that my legs are still the same size but my waist and hips are expanding, so nothing fits properly. LEGGINGS. These are great for chillin around the house, or throw on a long top and head out the door and you’ll be comfortable while also hiding the little tiny bump you’re starting to notice.

PS- These are mostly non-maternity clothes, so anyone could wear them. The good thing about not buying maternity specific clothing (even for moms-to-be) is that you can continue wearing them after pregnancy. These are just items that do a good job of hiding the bump before you’re ready to announce.




Okay these are a god-send for both mommy’s to be and for the general public. Ya know those days where you just ate one too many slices of pizza and you are feeling too bloated to be a normal human that day…. ya SPANX.

I had never actually tried spanx prior to getting pregnant, but now I see why everyone raves about them. They are amazing! They hold everything in and just make you feel more secure. They also look a lot more put-together than cotton leggings so I don’t feel like I’m too casually dressed if I put on a tunic and boots on over them and head to work.



These are the Spanx I recommend:




Fake Drinking:

Oh dear lord. This was the hardest part for me actually. Not because I’m a raging alcoholic or anything, but I work for a liquor company, so avoiding alcohol before you’ve announced it is quite difficult. ESPECIALLY when you’re just starting with a new team (I found out the day before my first day of work in Boston) so as the girls on  my team were  asking me to go out for drinks I had to keep making up lame excuses for why I couldn’t. Of course now they all know, but it was quite miserable having to lie to both my co-workers and mauricios co-workers as to why I couldn’t drink.

Not that you can’t still be social when you’re not drinking, but when you are just meeting people for the first time and you keep turning down their offer of a drink/shot it kind of makes you seem like you are a buzz-kill… ya know?

Anyways– here are the tricks that worked for me:

  1. Try to tell the waitress privately. So I would tell whoever our waitress was ahead of time that I was pregnant and didn’t want the table to know so to please just bring me drinks without alcohol. So even though I would order a ketel + soda + pineapple, she  was really just bringing me a club soda with pineapple.
  2. Trade it out at the bar. Now this is dependent on wether or not you’re at a crowded bar or a nice restaurant. If you’re at a crowded bar its easier to get away with trading out drinks without your friends noticing. For example, if someone from our group handed me a drink, Mauricio or I would just trade it out for a virgin cocktail from the bar and  pretend nothing happened. If you’re at a sit-down restaurant it  certainly gets more complicated though. Mauricios friends kept ordering rounds of shots and so theres really no way of getting around that. I basically just had to keep saying “no thank you” and unfortunately they would make mauricio take my shot. Thats certainly not the ideal situation, but you know how guys are.
  3. If none of these are going to work for you, theres always the good ole “I’m on antibiotics” excuse. Occasionally you’ll get someone  that tries to convince you that 1 drink/shot isn’t going to hurt, but most people know not to mess with that and they’ll leave you alone.



Okay so one  really sucky thing is that you can’t really take any medicines while you’re pregnant for fear of it affecting the baby. The first trimester is when the baby is formed and all of the features develop, so what you are putting in your body is extremely important. {Second and 3rd trimester the baby just grows, it’s already fully developed  in terms of physical features… from what I understand}

For me, I had terrible headaches those first couple of months. I don’t know if it’s the influx of new hormones or what, but my head was pounding. Consult your doctor before listening to me, but from what I was told by my doctor- Tylenol is okay to take while you are pregnant. The main ingredient present in Tylenol (acetaminophen) is widely considered safe, where as the main ingredient in Advil (ibuprofen) is considered less safe. Again, consult your doctor  because  everyone has a differing opinion on this. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, so I tried to only take 1/2 dose at a time and only when I really needed it.

If it was later in the evening when the headache came on, I would fore-go the meds and just lay in bed with a cold washcloth over my forehead and eyes. This helps.


Okay this has  already been pretty lengthly so I’ll save the rest for another post. Thank you all for the kind words and support over this past week, Mauricio and I greatly appreciate it <3


xx, Abby


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