Summer Makeup Routine

Hi  friends. Happy Friday! 

Lately I’ve been getting up super early (like 7am, thats early for me) so that I can take care of some work and blogging stuff before the day really starts. It was really brutal at first, but now I’m absolutely loving it. I feel like getting up early just makes me so much more productive the rest of the day. Even if I go to bed earlier than I would have if I woke up a few hours later, it just doesn’t feel the same.

Anyways, I haven’t done a makeup post in a while so I figured I would show you what products I use on the regular.

I like to keep it relatively simple, because if I have too many products I get over-whelmed and start mixing colors that don’t go together and it just turns out terribly. lol. Also sometimes I feel like my makeup turns out better when I spend 15 minutes getting ready than it does when I spend an hour. Less is more maybe? Idk.

Okay so I know this still looks like quite a lot of product for a “simple” routine, but I wanted to show you everything that is in my makeup bag without selectively choosing. Obviously I don’t use all of this every day, but one day I will use one of the eyeshadow pallets, and the next day i’ll use the other one so I keep them both. And I have 4 different types of concealers which is a bit of an over-kill but they are all for different things. For example, if I’m covering up my circles I use a different concealer than I would for a pimple. Anyways, here is what’s in my Summer Makeup Bag…..

Love, Abby Darling 



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