Summer Dresses Under $100

Yayyy it’s almost my {second} favorite day of the year… my birthday! First is Christmas of course.I’m turning 25 this year and Mauricio and I are going to Boston for the weekend both to celebrate our birthdays as well as explore the city and hopefully find a place to live.  So far we’ve lined up 6 appointments to tour different apartment complexes near downtown- specifically in the South End since thats where Mauricios office will be. However, rent is CRAZY expensive there, so even though we’ve found a complex we would like to live, we have to keep our mind open to others that might be a bit more affordable. Think NYC rates. UGHHH.

So if anyone is from Boston or lives there now, please give me some advice! This will be my first trip up there so I’m going in blind. Specifically I need to know what the public-transit is like there? I heard its really good, but I’m pretty attached to my car so I’m super nervous about whether or not I should take it. The apartment complex’s I’ve talked to said it’s upwards of $300/mo for 1 parking spot…. OUCH.

With all of the fun showers and events coming up, I figured my Birthday list should solely consist of cute party dresses. So here are a bunch of the dresses I’ve rounded up (most are on sale) that I think are perfect for day and/or night parties during the spring and summer transitional months.

xoxo, Abby



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