Starbucks Skinny Swaps

who knows me knows that I have a very unfortunate caffeine addiction. If you
see me between the hours of 8am-6pm, there is a 99% chance that I have a
Starbucks cup in my left hand. And on the off chance that I don’t, it’s
probably because I’m on my way to get one.
I’m not a big fan of drinking half a days worth of cals just to get my daily
buzz on. Ya feel me? 

So over the years I’ve pretty much mastered the art of
the tasty skinny beverage.
are some of the beverages I order on the reg:

‘Oprah Chai
Tea’ with Steamed Soy 

no, not a Chai Tea Latte…. Those devils are laden with 47 grams of sugar, and
260 cals in a Grande, or 59 grams of sugar and 330 cals in a Venti! No thanks.
I’ll eat a cupcake instead thank you very much.
this instead: Chai Tea (the actual tea bag, not the carton of cream) with hot
water and topped with an inch of steamed soy milk. Add a few packets of Stevia
and you’re golden.
‘Teavana Emperor’s
Clouds & Mist’ Green Tea (Hot)

I do
this the exact same way as the Chai, just with Emerors Cloud Green Tea instead
of the Chai Bag. It’s so yummy.
Comparable to a Green Tea Latte, which equals 55 grams of sugar and 350
cals in a Grande. Eeek.
Peppermint Mocha Coffee

Skinny Peppermint syrup is probably my favorite part of winter. 
Why they don’t
carry this beauty all year round, I will never understand.
needless to say, I take full advantage of its presence

I tweak the order by getting a Grande Dark Roast coffee with sugar free mocha
and sugar free peppermint syrups, topped with an inch of steamed soy milk. Mmm.
Tastes just as good as a Skinny Peppermint Mocha, but with way less milk and
way more Buzzzzzz.

FYI- A Latte is about 1-2 shots of expresso with the rest of the cup filled
with steamed milk. Now for me, 1-2 shots of expresso covered in all that milk
just doesn’t cut it. But hey, it’s still way better for you than the full-fat
version which will clock you in at
52 grams of sugar and 360 cals. 

The ‘Skinny’ version has 13 grams of sugar and 130 calories,
and my version has about 5 grams of sugar and 40 calories.
(in the Grande 16oz size)
too shabby aye?

½ Passion Tea ½ Green Tea

refreshing mixer is the perfect pick me up for a warm sunny day. The best part?

Naturally calorie free! Yippeeee! 

Just be sure to ask for un-sweetened.
If you don’t specify, they will add their special little crack syrup
that nobody realizes they put in it! (simple syrup)
Hence the reason you can never make your at-home latte’s taste quite as good as
the little green lady!
you enjoy these tasty little drinks as much as I do!

      Abby D.

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