Starbucks Skinny Drinks

Hi friends-
Today I’m sharing my favorite “healthy”
Starbucks drinks.

I’m the queen of finding low-cal versions of the main-stream
tasty (but extremely sugary) beverages that they put on their menu….

Because of my job, I’m constantly on-the-go and have to rely
on coffee-shops to fulfill my caffeine addiction
rather than just making it at home.

Thus, here are my current favorite drink orders
that won’t cause diabetic shock.

1. A lighter version of the ‘Pink Drink’

Iced Un-Sweetened Passion Tango Tea
with a splash of Coconut Milk
+ add 2 Stevia packets
roughly 5-10 calories

2. Mocha Frappaccino Light

Ask for the Mocha Light Frappaccino but with Soy Milk instead of Skim..
the Soy milk makes it taste SO much better… almost like the real thing.
(It’s light because they use the SF Mocha
 and none of the “Classic” syrup aka Simple Syrup)
100 calories

3. Cinnamon-Caramel Cold Brew 

Oh cold brew. I always forget about you.
The wonderful thing about Cold Brew
is that its even more caffeinated than just plain iced coffee 🙂

Anyways, ask for a Cold Brew Coffee with SF Caramel
and a splash of coconut milk… yum!
Then add in 1-2 packets of Stevia and a sprinkle of Cinnamon.
Roughly 5-10 cals depending on their version of a  “splash” lol

4. Americano (hot or cold)

An Americano is similar to coffee except that it uses
a shot of espresso and hot water rather than brewing it.
Order an Americano with a bit of steamed soy milk on top 
and a pump of SF syrup (my favorite is SF Vanilla)
Roughly 10-20 calories

5. Passion Green-Tea Iced Tea

Get the health benefits of Green Tea without the mehhh taste. lol.
Ask for a Venti Iced 1/2 Un-Sweet Green Tea and
1/2 Un-Sweet Passion Tea.
optional: splash of coconut milk and stevia
(can you sense a trend?)^
0-10 calories

6. The ‘Blendicano’

Okay the best for last.
This is a hack on the frappaccinos, except that
you may get a double-take from the barista when you first order it.

“Quad Espresso in a Venti Cup
large scoop of ice
2-4 (your choice) pumps of sugar free caramel
or SF vanilla syrup


Optional: add cinnamon and stevia 🙂

Any good recipes I’m missing out on?

xoxo, Abby


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