Stability Ball > Desk Chair

Stability Ball > Desk Chair

Ever feel like your job is causing you to gain weight?
Stiff muscles from sitting in the same position all day?

I went from a bartending/waitressing job which
forced me on my feet for 10 hours straight,
to a sales job where I sit at a
desk all day

So I
can certainly relate.    

Despite my daily cardio routine, 
I still feel like I may start getting a little “soft”
as I continue along a career path that requires
being on a computer for ¾ of the day.

The solution: Replacing my desk chair with a Stability Ball!

Not only does this improve posture and core strength,
but it also keep me much more alert
due to the
 inability to get too comfortable or relaxed.

It also keeps my muscles more engaged, 
which can burn extra calories throughout the
day J
And who doesn’t love that?!

So, for those of you chained to a desk all day,
join me in trading in the chair for a stability ball 
and your summer bod will thank me later!


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