Shopping for a Cause

Hey guys!

In honor of March being National Women’s Month, I’m partnering with ShopVV which is an awesome company here in Dallas that designs feminist attire. The best part? They donate $5 from every sale to Planned Parenthood and ACLU. They were kind enough to let me pick out a few items from their collection and I absolutely love them. The t-shirts are so cute and the slogans are both witty and inspiring.

The overall message of their company is to both inspire and unite women to come together in the wake of so many important social issues that are present in our society. They are also sweatshop-free and all of their manufacturing is done here in the U.S.

Okay so now that you know the message, let’s see the clothes! Here are the 3 shirts I picked out 🙂


I also want to take a quick moment to remind people that being a “feminist” doesn’t mean you don’t also appreciate men. In fact, I love men. I can fully appreciate the differences between our genders and I value the strengths that we each bring to the table. We are all unique and deserve to be valued. To me, calling myself a Feminist doesn’t mean that I think I am superior to a man. It simply means that I believe I am both equal and uniquely different. It means that I stand for equality FOR EVERYONE and the right FOR EVERYONE to make the decisions that are right for them.

Anyways, thats my little soap-box moment. I hope y’all enjoy Shop V.V’s  merchandise as much as I do! 🙂

XOXO, Abby



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