Shop off the shoulder

Hi babes!

Happy Friday! So as I’m sure you have all noticed, the trend of this summer is definitely off-the-shoulder. Doesn’t matter what it is- top, dress, romper, jumpsuit, you name it. If it’s off the shoulder, it’s considered fashionable. lol.

For some reason I feel like we have Lauren Bushnell to thank for the trend. I don’t know if she’s actually the one that kicked it off, but I do vividly remember seeing her wearing so many cute off the shoulder tops on Bens’¬†season of the Bachelor and in my mind that’s when I remember thinking ‘I need some off this off the shoulder stuff!’ And now here we are… you can’t go out to dinner without seeing 5 girls wearing something off the shoulder.

That being said, I feel like with trendy pieces you should try to spend a little less because it’s typically fleeting. Not that off the shoulder will ever by ‘out of style’ but 6 months from now you don’t want to look in your closet to find 18 off the shoulder dresses that you spent too much $$ on to get rid of.

So… I’ve rounded up the cutest and trendiest off the shoulder dresses and rompers that run¬†under $60 {most are under $45}!! All of these are perfect for Spring or Summer and I feel like could be dressed down with a pair of white converse or sandals- or dressed up with a pair of wedges or heels.


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