Hey guys!
Sorry for the lack of posting lately,
I’ve been putting all my extra free-time in to
our wedding website, which is now live!

You can check it out at 
if you’re interested 🙂

Anyways, I got this pretty little box in the mail today
and it was just too cute not to share.

It’s called “RocksBox” and it’s
basically like all the other monthly subscription boxes
except for that its high-end fashion jewelry!
After signing up they have you go through several pages of jewelry
picking out which ones you like along the way so that they have an idea of what
to send you. After that they will mail you 3 pieces along with the discounted price
of each one. You can decide which to keep and which to send back!
Easy Peasy. Best part is that they send you the return shipping label… thank goodness.

The perks of keeping all 3 pieces is that they will give you an additional $10 off
of the already discounted pricing.

Here are the 3 pieces that came in mine!!



 As much as I’ve been longing for a pair of “ear climber”
earrings, these just wouldn’t sit properly on my ears.
Has anyone else had this problem?
I’m wondering if it was just a faulty design,
or if my ears are just too small for this kind of earring? lol.

How cute are these Kendra Scott earrings though?!
Perfect color for Spring!
And this necklace was by far my favorite piece of the 3,
I’m totally obsessed and want to wear it with every single outfit I put on.

xoxo, Abby


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