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Queenstown Travel Guide

Hi Friends!

Sorry for the lag in posts this week, I’ve been feeling pretty under the weather so anytime not spent resting or working has been devoted to un-boxing our stuff and trying to set up our furniture.

Mauricio and I spent 3 hours yesterday building my desk…. it was so frustrating. We also got our bedside tables and my vanity set up, which I’m SO excited to show y’all!!

Anyway, on to Queenstown! Day 1 we woke up at our hotel in Lake Wanaka around 6:30am to eat a quick breakfast then board the bus to Cardrona (where you skii)

After the very long process of checking in and renting all our gear (literally took 2 hours) we signed up for the 11:00 newbie group lesson.

Per usual, Mauricio completely ignored the instructor about 2 minutes in to the lesson and started doing his own thing. Anyone surprised? lol

After the lesson was over the group was dismissed for lunch before re-grouping for the second lesson. Mauricio and I both declined the second part and decided just to do the bunny slopes on our own for the rest of the day.

I’d say we actually did pretty well for our first time! I never even fell 🙂 Mauricio of course went down the slope at maximum speed every time and wiped out quite a few times…. but always with a smile on his face so to each their own I guess! ha.

Around 4:00 the buses all start boarding up to take everyone back to their hotels or drop off locations so Mauricio and I returned all of our gear and boarded the bus again for the 2 hour commute to Queenstown.    


Upon arrival, we checked in to the hotel St. Moritz where we were greeted with a very lovely apple cider welcome drink and a bottle of champagne and snacks from my sweet parents 🙂

As you can probably imagine, we were exhausted from skiing all day and decided just to go downstairs to the hotel restaurant for dinner. Turns out, the restaurant was AMAZING and had a stunning view of the lake.

The next morning….


Sooo you’ll have to pardon my leggings and sneakers in these next pics… I didn’t do the best job at packing functional clothing for walking around all day in, so my adidas were pretty much my only option. After about the second mile of walking up-hill you realize you no longer care about your outfit looking cute. lol.


After breakfast Mauricio and I decided to walk around the city and take some photos, then we took gondola ride up the mountain to ‘Skyline Queenstown’ where they have a bunch of fun activities such as luge rides, mountain biking, bungy jumping, etc.


Mauricio and I did the luge rides and took some pictures of the beautiful view, then after a couple hours got bored and decided to go back down and explore around for a good lunch spot.

It started raining right as we got to the bottom of the mountain, so “exploring” turned into running back to the city and then popping into the first restaurant we saw.

Lucky for us, we ended up being very satisfied with our meals. =


After lunch the storm has passed so we chose to walk around the city some more before going back to our hotel to shower and change for the evening.

That evening we went to a pub around the corner from our hotel where we actually had another very lovely meal- salmon (shocker) for me and lasagna for the big guy.


After dinner we went to a few nearby gift shops and got a few souvenirs for ourselves and our family members, then we were off to the Hot Pools!

We took a short 15 minute commuter bus to the Onsen Hot Pools, which Mauricios sister got for us as our wedding gift! Basically you have this little private room equipped with a hot pool, wine and chocolates, and a beautiful view of the mountains and lake.

It’s super romantic and definitely worth doing if you’re ever in Queenstown! One recommendation would be to do it during the day though. Although doing it at night is super romantic, once it gets too dark its really hard to see very far out there and you can’t take as many good pictures as you would get during the day time. Personal preference though I guess.

DO call WAYYYY in advance- they book out for months.

Here is the night view vs the day view just for comparison purposes…


Post Hot Pools we went back to the St. Moritz to sip on our champagne and finish packing up our stuff to head to Christchurch bright and early the following morning. Christchurch was just a 1-night stop over on our way to Fiji, so I won’t bore you with that days activities. Basically the day consisted of airport stuff, lunch, a cocktail, and then a super romantic McDonalds dinner at our airport hotel. lol.

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