Purple Shampoo That Actually Works

So over the years I’ve tried out a plethora of different drug store “blonde” shampoos. From lightening shampoos, strengthening and moisture shampoos, and brass banisher shampoos. To be honest, none of them really did that much. I wasn’t fully aware of how little they were doing until I recently purchased this purple shampoo and conditioner that I realized it though. Literally the very first usage I saw a MAJOR difference. Like holy cow. I walked into the shower with a golden hue and walked out with that silvery-white blonde hue. I’m not explaining the color properly, but y’all know what I’m talking about. I was actually amazed at how fast this product worked…. and kind of thinking “wow thank god I didn’t leave it on too much longer” This stuff works QUICK… leave it on for like 1-2 minutes then wash out thoroughly if you don’t want too dramatic of a change.

My natural blonde is more of the brassy/golden color blonde, which isn’t in style right now. So I plan on keeping this treatment as part of a weekly routine to try to keep the brass at bay…. until the trend swings back the other way I guess.

PS- I purchased these from Amazon. I have a Prime Membership because I’m impatient and can’t wait more than 2 days to receive my stuff. The only “purple” shampoos I’ve seen at drug stores (aka target) is the L’oreal brass banisher set … and let me just tell you to save the $8 because it doesn’t work… at all.

Also, these are products/tools I use after I get out of the shower to keep my hair soft and easy to brush.

This Wet Brush was like $5 …. I can’t remember where I got it (probably Amazon … let’s be honest) but I think it works just as well as those $100 brushes…. just sayin.



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