Brass-Free Blonde Hair

Hi friends-

One trend that has stuck around much longer than expected (in my opinion) is the ‘white blonde’ look. I don’t know when the switch happened where golden blonde stopped being pretty and translucent blonde started being cool, but here we are…

Personally, I naturally have a golden-ish hue to my hair, so this new trend was quite the inconvenience at first. BUT … now I love it! It certainly takes a  little more work to keep it from getting brassy, but it’s totally do-able.

If you’re starting with already light hair, no need to go to the salon and pay $200+ to get your hair highlighted and toned every 6 weeks. I haven’t been to the salon since before my wedding and my hair is still brass-free! The trick? Purple Shampoos!

They range drastically in prices, but even if you get the more expensive ones its way cheaper than a trip to the salon. Here are the ones I recommend:


Depending on how light your hair is to begin with, start with only leaving it in your hair for 30 seconds or so before rinsing. Once you see how your hair reacts to it you can decide to leave it in a little longer, but for those with super light hair- the violet color definitely does get picked up in some of the strands if you’re not careful.

I switch  between the shampoos I use, because I’m convinced it works better that way. The oribe is the most expensive so I only use that once every 10 days or so, and the Joico one I use at least once a week, sometimes more. Also switch it  up by using a “brightening” or clarifying shampoo in between purple shampoos. It’ll help keep your hair from looking dull.


Here are some of my other favorite products for post shower/detangling:



And the best part…. volumizing products!


Hope that helps!! <3



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