We’re Pregnant!


Yep, you read that correctly…. we’ve got a bun in the oven! Crazy, right?!

Trust us, we know. lol.

I figured there would be a ton of questions after we made the reveal, so I decided it was best to just go ahead and draft this post to cover everything I foresee people asking! 


Q: Were y’all trying?!

A: Ha, No. We certainly were not. It was definitely a surprise, but we are getting a whole lot more used to the idea as time has gone on.

With that being said, we are definitely very grateful and know that this baby truly is a blessing. Although it wasn’t part of our ‘plan’ yet, we do know that Gods plan is what really matters.

PS- God was definitely watching out for us before we even conceived as we made made the decision to get a large two bedroom apartment outside of the city rather than a tiny 1-bed in the city. Crying babies and 1 bedroom apartments don’t exactly make for a happy home. lol.


Q: When did you find out?

A: We found out a few days after moving to Boston. In fact, I was sitting on a moving box as we waited for the results of the at-home test. I literally felt like we were straight out of a comedy  movie.



Q: What made you decide to take the test? Were y’all on BC?

A: The short answer is no. I’ve never had regular periods, so taking birth control was something I was uncomfortable with, for fear that once I did want to have a child, I wouldn’t be able to. We obviously used other methods, but those aren’t always effective… clearly. lol

What led me to take the test was that I was feeling incredibly nauseous throughout the day and would be ravenously hungry whenever I wasn’t nauseous. Also, my boobs like doubled in size. lol.




Q: Whens the due date?!

A: The doctors keep going back and forth on the date because of the fact that I didn’t have a regular cycle to base it off of. However, based on the size of the baby, they are predicting I will go into labor on March 27th.

At first they told us April 2nd, so Mauricio and I were like ‘oh great, I’ll probably be 4 days late and end up having it on April 6th– both of our birthdays. Wouldn’t that be weird!


Q: Do you know the sex?

A: Not yet. The doctors do actually know already, so it’s in an envelope at their office. We are going to have them give it to us before we go home for Thanksgiving so that we can have a gender reveal party back home with our family and friends.

When we first found out we were pregnant I was sure it was a girl, but now I could go either way. Mauricio is convinced its a boy. 

However, I’m updating my prediction ( I originally drafted this last week ) because last night I had a dream that it  was a girl. I feel like mommy intuition is pretty strong, so I’m going to go ahead and put on the record that I think it’s a girl. We’ll see if my intuition is right! (I of course will be happy either way).


Q: Have you had any cravings?

A: Oh man…YES! Most have subsided now that I’m in my second trimester, but for a while there I thought I was going crazy. I was craving things I NEVER eat… Bacon, Pizza, Ice Cream, etc.

My mom says that that was probably the baby’s way of telling me it needed more fat. Since the baby gets all of the nutrients first, I was likely depriving myself of some of the nutrients I needed, hence the intense cravings for fat.

Y’all may have noticed I was pretty quiet on social media for a bit last month- well thats why. Between the weird cravings, my body changing, and the nausea, I didn’t feel like I could be authentic with y’all because if I posted a picture of me eating bacon people would be like wait what?! lol.

Thankfully, my eating has gone back to normal and I can actually eats salads without feeling like I want to throw up.

Currently, I crave spicy foods like CRAZY. Mauricio keeps telling me to ease up on the cholulua every time I make food. lol. My unhealthy craving right now is Flaming Hot Cheetos. I saw them in the checkout line at target the other day and I literally couldn’t resist. I ate the whole bag (It was a mini bag, but still, thats very un-like me). Oh well, I figure now is the time to splurge a little… right?


Q: Do you have a tummy yet?!

A: Sure do. A few weeks ago I started to worry that it wasn’t growing enough (compared to pictures of other girls I’d seen at similar points in their pregnancy) However, within the past two weeks it’s grown significantly.

Everyone tells you that one day you’ll just wake up and be like “woah!?” and they were so spot  on. I can no longer button my jeans and wearing anything form-fitting just looks very unflattering right now.

The worst part is that I’m not far enough along that strangers  can tell I’m pregnant…. I just look like I’m really bloated/carrying some extra weight or something. I’ll  definitely be relieved when it gets to the point that its more of a defined pregnancy belly.

Another major change has  been my boobs. They’ve literally doubled in size so none  of my bras fit which is super  annoying since new bras aren’t exactly something I look forward to spending money on. Mauricio sure isn’t complaining though. lol.


Q: Don’t you work in the liquor industry…. how does that work?

A: That was definitely the hardest part of hiding the pregnancy for four weeks. Not only was I working with a brand new team, but I was having to try to fake drink with them and find ways to get the waitress to bring me fake cocktails.

Since Mauricio and I came to the city not knowing anyone, the last thing we wanted to do was hole up in the apartment and not socialize.




Okay those are the major questions I can think of. If y’all have any others leave them down below 🙂












  1. Congratulations!! I just started following and reading your blogs! I have to say you are completely and utterly gorgeous!!!

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