Not Your Mama’s Average Beauty Secrets

It happens time after time. I’m browsing Pinterest, Blogs, YouTube, etc. and
find the best beauty tricks ever. I
try them, I love them, and then two weeks later I completely forget about them.
Then about 6 months later I stumble upon the same beauty tips and tricks again
and think to myself “omg why did I ever
stop doing that?!”
It’s a vicious cycle
(1st world problems, I know I know).
So, I’ve compiled a
list of some of my all time favorite beauty tricks that are worth remembering.
So, I’ve compiled a list of some of my all time
favorite beauty tricks that are worth remembering.
Ice Cube Facials
I actually got this
little trick from Courtney Robertson’s book
‘I Didn’t
Come Here to Make Friends’
(guilty pleasure, but totally
worth it).
It’s super duper
simple, and best of all, FREE!
My favorite word.
So, you wake up after
a night of drinking and what do you know…
your face is puffy as
Or… indulge in to
much popcorn, pretzels, chips or
other salty snacks
the night before?
Same deal…PUFFF
60 second solution? Ice cubes.
Before washing your
face, rub an ice cube
 around your face until it melts.
Then wash your face
with cold water,
And wahlah, puffiness
is significantly reduced!
Thanks Courtney!
Alligator Clips
These little guys are
serious game changers
when you’re trying to
fit all your hair into
one cute little bun on top of
your head.
And the best part?
It doesn’t leave a crease.
I literally put my
hair in a bun with one of these the second
I walk in the door from work.

Lately, I have made the switch from washing my hair every night
to washing once or twice a week. So
to prevent it from looking greasy,
I try to keep my hair
off my face whenever possible.
Sleeping with your
hair in a bun also makes it look way
more voluminous the next day!
Coconut Oil
Coconut oil is so
Not only does is have
a ton of health benefits
when cooking, but it
also serves as a major product replacer.
Forget all those
super expensive name brand products and
go get yourself a $5 jar of coconut oil and you can use it as a:
Hair mask
All over body oil
Face Moisturizer
Lip Balm
Cuticle Softener
Under-Eye Cream
Frizz Control
Make-up Remover
Shaving Cream
10. Highlighter
 (dab on cheekbones and bridge of
nose for a dewy look)
Baking Soda

Skip the $50 Crest
Strips and buy a $3 box
of Baking Soda to get those pearly whites back.

I’m a bit of a coffee addict,

so whitening pens,
trays, strips, etc.
are an unfortunate necessity in my life.
(As much as my mom scolds me for this…enamel and all that)

Before bed- brush with baking soda
and let sit for 5 minutes before rinsing.
Make sure to brush your teeth with actual toothpaste
before doing the baking soda trick.

Castor Oil

So you know all those
expensive products out their
that guarantee noticeably longer
lashes in 6-8 weeks…
yeah, yeah…. The only ingredient in their that matters
is the Castor
… the rest is just frills.

So do yourself a favor and pick up some castor
brush through your lashes before bed and wash face
as your normally would the following morning.

Easy Peasy.

Same goes for your hair- massage in to scalp before bed
to stimulate hair growth.

Beer Showers anyone?
Haha but really.
After shampooing, rinse hair with a can of beer,
cover with a shower
cap and let sit for 5 minutes and
wahlah, noticeably shinier hair!
But why?
The alcohol removes
buildup that sits on the surface of hair.
Any brand is fine, so skip the expensive stuff and
pick up some Natty Light for your
beer showers.ha.
I remember going to
volleyball camp in high school
and my roommate thinking I was nuts for this one.
this trick isn’t as common as I

Next time you have a zit,
cover it with toothpaste before you hit the hay
and by morning, it’ll be dried up just as much as it would
with your $15 pimple cream.

Cinnamon Oil
Pull your lips out of
the jar (thank Kylie Jenner for that one)
and opt for a mild plump with cinnamon.
the original kylie jenner lip challenge
Adding a few drops of cinnamon oil to your favorite lip gloss
will give some added oomph to your pout.
I hope you find some of these helpful!

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