Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Hi Friends!


Sorry I’ve been a bit MIA this week, we are getting down to the wire on finalizing wedding and honeymoon details, as well as still trying to find a place to live in Boston.


Right now we are between a 1 bed apt in Back Bay or a 2 floor condo in Southie. If anyone is familiar with the area and has any advice for me I would so appreciate it!


Anyways, on to my favorite topic…. shopping! 🙂


More specifically, the upcoming Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.


There are so many questions regarding this sale, so I’m here to answer all of them for you and make your shopping experience just a little bit easier. Also, a preview of whats on sale is at the end.


1. What is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?


So glad you asked. It’s basically the MECCA of all sales! lol.
Seriously though, it’s my favorite sale of the year! Even though I’m a total summer baby, fall fashion is by far my favorite.


The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is so great because it is all brand new merchandise, but at majorly discounted prices.


Since fall and winter clothes are the most expensive, I try to get all of my high-ticket items during the sale so that I’ve got it all knocked out before I start saving again for Christmas presents. For people who are super on top of it- this is also a great time to buy christmas presents for other people too!


2. When is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?


July 13th is the start of early access! July 21st the sale opens up to everyone.


Sale ends on August 6th 🙁


3. What is early access?


Early access is from Nordstrom card holders. They do this because often times the most popular items are either sold out completely or in common sizes by the time it opens up to the public. Nordstrom is pretty good about re-stocking quickly, but for people like me who aren’t patient and NEED IT NOW, early access is key.


4. Why should I get a Nordstrom card?


Nordstrom offers both a credit card and a debit card!! Personally, I opted for the debit card because Credit Cards are scary to me….. plus I love to shop so I don’t trust myself with a Nordstrom Credit Card. lol.


If you’re in the same boat as me, then the debit card is your answer! It drafts the funds directly from your bank account just like your regular bank debit card and still gets all the same Nordstrom benefits! Apply for a Nordstrom card here. 


***The most important reason is because it allows you to shop the Anniversary Sale 8 days before the general public***


Also, You get 2 points per dollar spent & after 2,000 points, you get a $20 Nordstrom Note, and lets face it– free money!


5. Can I shop online?


Yes!!! Personally, I prefer to shop online because I feel like I always find more than I do in store … plus I hate dealing with people. lol!


Plus, Nordstrom’s shipping and return policy are so great that theres literally nothing to lose.
Another thing I love is the buy online and pick up in store option because there is always a pickup spot right next to the doors so you literally just walk in, tell them your name, grab your bag, and boom you’re outta there.


6. What items will be on sale?


Since the sale is on all of the brand new merchandise coming out, most of it will be fall and winter items. To be honest, I hate buying things I can’t wear for another 2 months.


However, winter clothes are the most expensive items and make the biggest dent on my bank account, so there really is no reason not to go ahead and buy them when they are on major discount.


Most likely the items on sale will be: boots & booties, winter coats and vests, long sleeves and cardigans, designer jeans, handbags, and limited time beauty sets!

Preview the catalog here 


Any more questions? Stay tuned for all of my sale picks once it goes live!

In the meantime as we wait for the sale, here are the summer items that I have my eye on! Im probably going to buy a few of these for our Fiji trip so that I have some new things to photograph 🙂


xoxo, abby darling



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