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Hi friends-

Hope everyone is re-cooperating from the long weekend. Something about the week after a holiday just seems like it drags on forever.

Now, more than ever, I have to be so picky as to what products I’m putting on my skin and really be cognizant of the ingredients in the products I use in my daily beauty routine. That’s why I am so excited for today’s post in collaboration with Sugar Sweat.

Sugar Sweat is an all-natural, paraben and cruelty-free makeup line featuring beauty products that stay put all day (even through the Texas Summers).

I’ve tried their sugar lip scrub, liquid matte lipstick, and the perfectly flawless foundation and loved them all. The foundation is very light weight (which I prefer) and blends into my skin perfectly without looking cake-y or over-done. For a daytime look I tend to just wear it on its own and add a little powder over top to transition into the evening. I’m wearing the shade Nude here.

The matte lip stick in the shade ‘Sinful Kiss’ is BY FAR my favorite nude shade I’ve ever tried. Being a fair skin blonde, I didn’t think this shade of nude would look good on me, but now I’m hooked!! I wore it in this photo shoot with @katieasalerno and absolutely loved how it photographed! I feel like it looks very effortlessly chic and best of all- I can go all day without reapplying it and it still looks perfect!

Keep in mind that this is a matte lipstick so I definitely recommend exfoliating your lips with the lip scrub before applying. This one from Sugar Sweat is great and a little goes a long way so one jar should last you several months.

Shop these products, as well as the rest of their all-natural beauty line here.

What are your favorite natural beauty company’s? Anyone else trying to eliminate the amount of toxins in their beauty regimen? Let me know your favorites down below. Also- if there are any brands that you’ve tried and been disappointed by, let us know that as well!




  1. This seems really interesting! I think I’m definitely going to look into this brand. I’m super open to trying out new beauty products. Especially natural ones. Sometimes, you need a break from all of those “super glam” products. Natural is my go-to lately. It’s less time consuming lol!

    • Natural and quick is the way to go! I used to never check for the cruelty-free label, but have been WAY more conscious of it over the past year or so. There’s no excuse for what they do to those poor animals!

  2. I love that this is natural and cruelty free. I checked their website and I couldn’t find if their products are gluten free. On a side note, that sweater is gorgeous.

    • Hi Amanda-

      I’m not actually sure about the GF thing… I didn’t realize that that was a thing. Wouldn’t Gluten Intolerance only affect you if you were consuming it? So curious now! I’m sure you could DM them on their Instagram page and get a response really quickly!

  3. I’ve never heard of this brand before and the natural colour looks really good on you. I’m going to see if I can find this brand in the UK.

  4. Maybe you should put it on your Christmas shopping list for your mother. Especially the lip scrub…oh, how she needs it!

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