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Something about getting a facial is just soooo relaxing. Initially I hate spending the money on a glorified face wash, but then once we get started I’m like “okay… this really is worth it.”

I’ve been going to Ann at Stonebriar Spa since High-School and she is still my go-to girl. She is just the absolute sweetest and is so gentle with my skin. Even when she does the “extraction” portion of the facial it doesn’t hurt or feel uncomfortable and I trust that she won’t over pick at anything and cause a red mark.

Personally, I’m pretty basic when it comes to my daily cleanser- I just use Cetaphil to take off my make-up because it’s very inexpensive and it doesn’t overly dry out my skin or irritate it. I’ve used it for years and it works well for me… so I feel like – don’t fix what isn’t broken!

However, when it comes to exfoliants and moisturizers I’m willing to spend a little extra on a product that I know is all-natural ingredients and isn’t going to break me out. This is where I take Ann’s advice- after the facial I ask her to recommend 1-2 things to me that she thinks are worth the investment for my skin.

I hadn’t been to her in quite a while, so this time I had to stock up on more than I normally would/will. After looking at my skin she suggested that I get the Strawberry Rhubarb Exfoliant and Serum (which goes underneath my moisturizer) as well as the Stone Crop Moisturizer- which my mom also uses and loves.


I have pretty normal skin, not oily or dry, but she did say my skin was a bit dehydrated (likely from being in the sun) so that is why she recommended I get the serum to put underneath my moisturizer.


I’ve also had this Spot Correcting Serum for a couple years now, as you can see the label has changed which is a testament to how long it lasts. It is very concentrated so you only use like an eighth of a dropper at a time. I basically only use it at nighttime if I have a blemish or as a preventative treatment if I can feel one coming.

And last but certainly not least would be my Clarisonic Brush. I’ve have this one for years and would recommend it anyone regardless of skin type or age. It’s a bit pricy at first, but after the first initial purchase all you have to do is switch out the brush head every couple months and you’re set.

What face products do you love? Tell me in the comments below 🙂





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