Microblading Pt. 2

Hi guys!

As promised, I’m doing a follow-up post on my 4-6 week brow touchups.
First off, this time it only took about 40 minutes and was FAR less painful.
I’m not sure why, but this time she kept switching between my brows,
applying more numbing cream as she went.
I have no idea if there was a reason she didn’t do that the first time…
maybe there’s a particular reason for it or maybe since my first appointment
someone let her know how quickly the numbing cream rubbed off? Idk.
Either way, I’m thankful.

So on to the major talking points…

1. What is the down-time?
Although they tell you that you shouldn’t sweat, wear makeup, do anything
for like 10 days… this is bogus. I worked out the day after and I was just fine.
If you don’t listen to anything else I say, listen to that.

Mine did not peel, scab, turn a gross color, get flakey, nothing.
I told the girl that and she said it was because I was diligent about putting Aquaphor on
every few hours and keeping them clean.

2. What if I don’t want too dramatic of eyebrows?

No problem. It’s not a one-size fits all type of thing.
She will talk to you and ask what you want, then do some measuring
and draw one eyebrow to what she thinks would look good.
From there you can ask her to tweak it how you want and then she’ll begin.

They take a lot of things into consideration when deciding on your brow style,
such as: face shape, coloring, natural brow shape, etc.
I have a baby face, so obviously she wasn’t going to give me these super dramatic brows.

3. How do they make sure it matches the rest of my brow color?

It’s just like hair dye I guess, they look at your brows then mix the ink to match.
I’m quite blonde, so if they can match mine they can probably match any color.

4. Does it hurt?

I kind of talked about this in my first post,
but it depends what kind of numbing method they use.
The place I went uses a cream, which takes 15 minutes to kick in.
That being said, once she starts working on the eyebrow, she has to keep wiping
off the ink which kind of wipes off the cream too.
Needless to say, you start getting feeling back and then yes, it hurts.

However, like I mentioned above, this time she used a different method-
going back and forth between eyebrows and re-applying throughout,
so maybe they have improved their process?
Either way, if you’ve gotten a tattoo, then its no more painful than that.

5. Was it worth it?

In my opinion- absolutely! My brows are very blonde so I had to pencil them in every day
and now I don’t have to- which saves me quite a bit of time.
However, it’s expensive, not gonna lie.
So if your eyebrows aren’t something you’re spending ample time every morning on,
then no, it probably wouldn’t be worth it to you.

I’m also getting married in 6 months, so right now is kind of the time
for me to be trying out all these beauty things. Ya know?

Also- For those that aren’t ready to make the committment…
look into getting your eyebrows dyed. I used to do that and it
significantly helps! Pretty much any hair salon/spa can do it.

Hopefully this help some of you who are going back and forth on getting it done!

PS- I went to Susana at Flirty Girl Lash Studio.
If you go, please let her know that I sent you 🙂
& let me know what you think!

xoxo, Abby


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