My Microblading Experience

Hi guys! So I’m sure anyone reading this blog has already heard about Microblading before. It’s kind of the “it” thing right now and I’ve been wanting it for the past 4-5 months since I saw a picture posted by one of my favorite vloggers- Melissa Merk who had it done. I kept waffling back and forth mainly because it’s pretty expensive and well frankly because it’s risky getting anything done to your face.

That being said, I LOVEEEEEE the outcome and am so happy I decided to pull the trigger and go through with it. Now, is it for everyone? Not in my opinion. As glad as I am that I did it, I don’t think it’s necessary for everyone. People with a decent brow line can achieve pretty much the same look just with makeup. However, for me, my eyebrows are 1) very blonde 2) no arch
3) I have a baby face and this just makes it 10x worse lol.

Exhibit A:

hahha. This is obviously before I learned to pencil them in, but still.

Anyways, the entire process took about an hour and 45 minutes.
This is mainly because once they put the numbing cream on you they have to
wait 20 minutes for it to kick in.
After that, they draw an outline of the brow shape you want
and see if you like it. Once you give them the go-ahead,
thats when they start using the needle.
Honestly, it doesn’t hurt a bit while the numbing cream is in effect.

BUT the numbing cream only works for a brief period of time (why idk)
and its not enough time for them to finish 1 eyebrow. So basically the first half of each brow
is painless and the second half hurts… worse than threading.

I’ll just be honest, it really doesn’t feel good. It probably feels very similar to what a tattoo
would feel like, except its on your brow bone. BUT the pain is very temporary. It literally
only hurts while she is sticking you, it doesn’t burn or sting afterwords.

This being said, you have the option of stopping and re-applying the numbing cream
once the first layer wears off. However, then you would have to wait 20 minutes to begin again.
Ain’t nobody got time for that, so I sucked it up and kept going.

I’m sure this varies from place to place,
as I’m sure some invest in a stronger numbing cream than others.

The places that charge upwards of $900 probably give you the good stuff. lol.

Needless to say, I didn’t go to that place.

After she finished both eyebrows she handed me the mirror to inspect
them and let her know if I wanted anything tweaked.
I thought she did a really good job so after applying a layer
of Aquaphor to my brows, I went on my way.


As you can see, my brows got a lot darker on day 4 & 5.
{this is to be expected}

Something to do with the pigment oxidizing as well as the broken skin starting to heal/scab.
Fortunately for me, mine didn’t get noticeably scabby or flaky at all.
At least not yet they haven’t.

This can vary from person-to-person. As the brows heal they may scab quite a bit.
One piece of advice i’ll give is to keep them SUPER HYDRATED. I have been applying
a thick layor of Aquaphor on them throughout the day to keep them from getting dried out.

Another thing to keep note of is that they do get a little itchy, when this happens try your best
not to scratch them because this will just further the flakiness (if yours start to flake).

Whenever mine started to itch at all I took it as a sign that I needed to re-apply Aquaphor.

Okay so that’s it for Part 1 of Microblading…. Stay tuned to Part 2 once they completely heal.

xoxo, Abby


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