WW: Low-Carb Pasta

Turkey Meatball Zucchini Pasta



Happy Hump Day! Phew, half way through the week! I’m so excited for the weekend because I’m flying home to Dallas for my mamas 60th birthday! It was supposed to be a surprise, but she hates surprises and managed to wiggle it out of my dad. lol. I haven’t been home since we moved to Boston so I am SO excited to be back.

Unfortunately, Mauricio isn’t joining me so this will actually be the longest we’ve been apart since the wedding. I leave Friday and come home Tuesday so it’s not like it’s actually that long, but it really is weird how much you get used to the other person being there with you. Mauricio and I did long distance for 7+ years of our relationship, so before when people used to tell me they missed their significant other after only a few days I would totally roll my eyes (internally). Well now I’m one of those girls I guess.

I really do think Marriage bonds you in a way that you don’t understand until you’re there. Mauricio  and I dated for 11 years prior to getting married, so you’d think we knew everything there was to know about each other…. but it’s just so different when you’re actually living with the person.

Okay anyway, for today’s Wellness Wednesday post I wanted to talk about how I manage to eat pasta on a regular basis without carbo-loading.

The trick? 2/3 zoodles 1/3 Angel hair Pasta! 

Zoodles are a god-send. They make such a bland and boring vegetable (zucchini) into a delicious tasting pasta! You can enjoy zoodles on their own or mix them with a third of a serving of pasta. The Zucchini pasta bulks it up while adding practically no extra carbs to the meal.

How I cook the noodles: Heat on a frying pan on the stove for 5-7 minutes then drain the excess water. After draining the water pat the noddles with a paper towel to remove even more of the water that has seeped out of the noodles. DON’T SKIP THIS STEP- it’ll be like soup.

Zucchini is made mostly of water, so they really just take on the flavor of whatever sauce  you put on them. When my in-laws were in town they made us a lifetime supply (joking) of turkey meatball pasta sauce  so thats what I’ve been using to top it with!

Next I add “Go Veggie!” parmesan style cheese and a little bit of oregano. Then enjoy! 🙂


Here is what I use to spiralize the zucchini. But you could also use any of the below tools. How many people you’re cooking for should determine which kind you buy. If it’s just you you’re cooking for then the simple hand-held one I use will work just fine. HOWEVER, if you are cooking for more than one person I highly recommend getting one of the larger table-top versions (still super reasonable in price). 1 Zucchini is only enough for 1 person and your wrist will be very sore if you try doing more than 1 at a time with the hand-held ones.



What are y’alls favorite healthy meals that replicate something typically deemed “un-healthy” ?





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