How to Survive Lollapalooza + Epic Brunch


My oh my, I just got back home from Chicago for Lollapalooza with my Fiance, Sister- Amanda, and Brother-In-Law- Ken and am now taking a much needed lazy day at my apartment. Amanda and Ken are 39 going on 40, but have the energy of  21 year olds. Needless to say they are #parentgoals. They did Lolla all 4 days last year and this year decided to upgrade to VIP so they invited Mauricio and I to use their GA passes!  It was only a weekend trip but it feels like it was so much longer. It was a ton of fun and I’m so glad I went, but I wanted to do a “survival guide” post for anyone considering going next year or to any other music festival for that matter.

First off, BRING A SMALL BACKPACK. Do not under any circumstances bring a purse. You WILL be miserable carrying that on your shoulder all day long. I brought a little black Kate Spade Backpack and I was so happy I did. However, I definitely packed a few things in it that I definitely didn’t use. Here is what you actually need:

  • Water Bottle: They have refill stations around the park so you don’t have to spend money on water
  • Tissues: The port-o- potties have toilet paper rolls but they aren’t always stocked.
  • Mint Gum: For hangover nausea (I find gum/peppermints help with nausea)
  • Sunglasses: For the obvious but also for the 2nd,3rd and 4th day hangovers if you go full weekend
  • Poncho: We actually used this in the form of a blanket to sit on. You could pack an actual blanket obviously but it would take up a lot more room than a poncho.
  • Comfortable Shoes: I would wear tennis shoes and pack a pair of cushiony flip flops for when your feet get too hot.
  • Hat: I ended up stealing Mauricio’s hat for a good chunk of the day… sorry babe 🙂


If you look online it says you should bring cash, but we found this not to be the case. We used a debit card at every station and it wasn’t a problem. I also packed Hand Sanitizer which we didn’t end up needing, they have it in every port-o-potty as well as a huge station right as you walk out of the port-o-potty with readily available sanitizer.

Random Tips:

  1. Prepare yourself to be drinking Wine or Beer all weekend. They only have hard liquor in VIP or the Craft Cocktail lounge but you can’t take it out side of the lounge so you have to be willing to hang out there until you’ve finished your drink.
  2. CHOOSE BEER. Drinking wine all day will all but ensure a horrific hangover the next day.
  3. Drink water between every drink. Don’t be the person who has to have a medic come in. It’s hot and you’re outside all day on your feet, be smart.
  4. Eat a big meal before you go in to the park. Yes, online it shows that they have like 30 different food vendors, this is misleading. They do have plenty of food options, but they are just little booths with 3 options each… all of which are relatively the same but with different descriptive names to make you think its some gourmet snack… no it’s a hotdog, fries, burger, or fried chicken.

Me & Sissy <3


Mauricio and I went to a place called Fremont for brunch on Saturday and it was certainly the place to be in Chicago. I thought people in Dallas took brunch seriously… no this place is like a whole other level. You have to make reservations 3 weeks in advance to get a spot. Basically you pay $35 for unlimited food and $15 for unlimited Mimosas or $18 for unlimited Bloody Mary’s. You can also order drinks by the glass if you prefer. TBH I think it was a waste of money for me to do the unlimited because all I could stomach was a waffle with some berries and a couple bites of some random veggies and like 3 sips of my drink (I made the wine mistake the first day… learn from my mistake) but it was for the experience so whatevs. Plus, we went with a bunch of Mauricio’s friends and they had a lot of fun and definitely got their money’s worth of food and drinks so it all evens out I guess. The Bloody Mary Mauricio made was probably a full meal in and of itself! To get a feel for what you’re in store for check out these images of the spread…. P.S. when you order shots they come with a mini dessert on top 🙂



IMG_0023 IMG_0022


IMG_0039  IMG_0024   IMG_0036


IMG_0020   IMG_0042

Mauricio and I only spent a couple hours there before heading off to Lolla, but the rest of our group stayed the whole afternoon until they got too smashed and had to leave lol.

Needless to say, it was such a fun weekend and I’m so happy we went out of our comfort zone (for me at least) and decided to go!

Has anyone been to any festivals recently? I’m curious if lolla and coachella are anything alike?





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