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If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed that at the end of most of my posts it says something like #liketkit

These are generated through a program called LIKEtoKNOW.IT which basically allows you to shop anything I’m wearing straight from your phone or desktop.

Long gone are the days of seeing an outfit you love and waiting for some other brave soul to ask her where she got it from…. lol we’ve all been there.

Simply sign up at  and then every time you like one of my photos you’ll get an email with direct links to shop everything in the post (barring it’s still available). Super simple….

STEP 1. Go to www.LIKEtoKNOW.IT

STEP 2. Sign into Instagram and choose to ‘authorize’

STEP 3. Enter your email address, save, and finish



Option two (this is the newer method and totally not necessary if you prefer to shop from your computer)….

You can also shop your screenshots through the APP! Here’s how:

STEP 1. DOWNLOAD the app from the app store

STEP 2. SCREENSHOT your favorite influencer pics on Instagram

STEP 3. OPEN the app and SHOP the products linked in the influencers photos directly from the app


For those of you who prefer a visual and just totally glazed over that, here are two videos just for you! The first video will walk you through the LIKEtoKNOW.IT sign-up process.  And the second is specifically focused on the new APP version. You can use both these methods interchangeably, it’s really just dependent on how YOU like to shop.




Was this helpful? Please message me if you’re still confused, I’m here to help!

Love you all <3





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