Lazy Day Autumn Essentials

Version 2

Hi guys! Ever get in one of those moods where you just want to curl up with a book or tv show and be a hermit all day? I do for sure. I kind of think of myself as both an extrovert and an introvert. I’m very social when I’m in public situations, but afterwords I always feel like I need to just be myself for a few hours and not speak to anyone. Like I literally don’t even text people. I’ve found that this works for me though, so I make sure that I always take some “me time” no matter how busy of a week I have.

The job I have requires me to go out during nights and weekends quite frequently, but whenever I get a Saturday where I can get away without going to the bars, I take it! Today has been one of those days for me so I thought I would share a few of my favorite “me time” essentials:

  1. Comfy Lounge Pants: Love these from Nordstrom $45
  2. A Good Book or TV Show: I’m on a book kick lately (probably because I’m in a tv rut) so I’ve been binge-reading The Selection Series— HIGHLY RECOMMEND. I’m on book 5 and I just started the series on Monday. eep. Now I’m totally aware that it looks like a little girls book, but trust me when I say it’s not. I’d say it’s on par with the Twilight Series, Hunger Games, and Divergent…. so if you liked those then you’d probably like these. Guilty pleasure type reads 🙂 The best way I can explain the synopsis is a mixture between The Hunger Games & The Bachelor. haha.large-1
  3. Coffee or Tea: Anyone who knows me knows I am a coffee addict, so as soon as Starbucks rolls out the PSL I’m all over it 🙂  Even if it means running out to starbucks in my lounge pants and brining it back home to enjoy in bed, it’s totally worth it.img_0035
    I’m also really loving this Tazo Organic Baked Cinnamon Apple Tea for a caffeine-free option. It seriously tastes like apple pie in a cup. Add a few drops of Stevia and a splash of almond milk and thank me later 🙂
  4. Festive Smelling Candles: Loving this Pumpkin Pie Spiced one as I like to pretend it’s actually fall here in Texas.
  5. Fuzzy Socks + Lotion: I also like to use my lazy days as primping days {Doing Face Masks, Self Tanning, Hair Masks, Whiten Teeth, Etc.}img_0034
  6. Mood Music: I’m obsessed with Bon Iver + any other artists that have a similar to sound. I’m currently loving this playlist I created on my site. You can play it above this post or on my homepage.



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